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  1. iso valk or btals

    i let you know pioy i might buy unnamed for someone on jsp... umm is urs legit forgot...and how much would yours go vs fg?
  2. iso valk or btals

    sounds good bud throw me a pm on jsp
  3. Pioy's .08 Valk

    bin 300 /e bought a brancos valk from resiliance or w/e no problem with pp lmk bro Stegs@jsp as well
  4. post prices/history thanks Can only do pp
  5. Post price can only do pp though will wait on transaction. post price/history
  6. vouch! had for about 5 mins?
  7. Bronco's .08 Valk

    whats ur jsp so we can via pm on there to talk faster imo < stegs
  8. Hearts' 08 Valk

    im all over it 170
  9. Tupacs Perm 08 Valk Fs

    i can buy it but thro pp ~_~ ughh FML