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  1. Tyler

  2. No need spam, I already sold some other high end items similar to this for my asking pirce.
  3. iso these melee gears

    2422 eth upped shaft here for $175
  4. FS: 211def Perfect Ethereal Glitched Shako History is tenjuna -> snuffelupecus -> me Price is $1200. I will only accept a money order or cashier's check in the mail and a mediator will be used.
  5. The only 08 glitched arreat that exists on east - $600
  6. What have you been listening to?

    Talk radio
  7. Oil Spill

    +1 for firey waves
  8. E3 2010.

    all this new shit coming out and I'm still playing SNES games...
  9. Digital Camera?? halp

    Get a Canon, Nikon, or Sony
  10. Need some Help Getting Some Hardware

    I still use parts similar to what you listed as a server and it's still running strong
  11. Ya but I wasn't sure if you bought it off Sang or somebody else or who you sold it to so I didn't want to make any assumptions
  12. I think I have one but with 20ias and a little less ed, I'll have to check my mules
  13. Whatup you starcrafters

    I got mine pre-ordered finally Can't wait till it comes out.