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  1. Hybrid: Sin Vis 20s Chaos+fury 3 ls/3 venom/x df 9x 45 shadow 10x 20/15 20/20 torch 20/20 anni Trapper just post wug
  2. Iso 37x 32020 set

    Post bin please
  3. interested in buying everything lmk
  4. Grief and Beast of Doom fs

    Pm me bin on both if you decide to sep
  5. Updated Names

    So your the one who got my name sorc lol http://www.dtrades.org/index.php?/topic/432800-1-names-and-godly-pvp-gear-for-sale/
  6. Iso these items

    Fletch Shide Arm Slipps Sorc Iso 9x 45 lifers 13x 20/17s P Storch P anni P Hoto Godly Es Boots 2x Godly Str Es Rings P Spirit Monarch 6 Bo 3 Es Staff Will be doing w/u
  7. Selling My Rotting Gear

    pm me bin for the 32020s
  8. Bring the most insane most elite. W/u will be used.
  9. w/u Post bins and history
  10. Selling my extras

    Iwill do it tonight mate, been hella busy rigging down at work
  11. Good sin items ft

    history + bin on shide?
  12. Bring my easy iso

    Iso.. Shide Arm slips Fletch Gspurs GG Es Circ
  13. Post Ur Iso

    9x 45 cold lifers matching 13x 20/17 scs matching 35/5 Fathom Fletch 2x P Spirit monarchs 6 bo 3 es/3chill Cta staff GG Es Circ Im iso these m8
  14. G Arreats + Godly swords

    Lmk bin on Garreats if decided mate