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  1. Anyone selling anything ? Lmk if so.
  2. 08 hl possibly ft

    When corrupt owned it:
  3. 08 hl possibly ft

    solid c/o, closing in on what I had in mind.
  4. 08 hl possibly ft

    new c/o thankyou Done have one but feel free to offer.
  5. 08 hl possibly ft

    ty for the start
  6. 08 hl possibly ft

    Again...at this time there isn't one, iso offers.
  7. 08 hl possibly ft

    I dont really have an exact number, just looking for a good offer.
  8. 08 hl possibly ft

    Thankyou, I knew I was missing someone.
  9. not sure if selling but will for the right offer. 100% legit ofc. hist on the top of my head is samele > sopranos > corruptbovine > 615 orange dot gfx.
  10. Lookin for an 08 highlords

    At the moment he's not but again thanks for the info.
  11. Lookin for an 08 highlords

    he moved it already =( thanks for the info tho.
  12. Matthew's 123 Valk

    Bin for what we discussed.