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  1. hadin gear

    Hey buddy don’t u have fg on other site can prolly find them easier
  2. VT bin 550 Blizz bin 450 Trap bin 350 Windybin 450 Necro bin 400 Light bin ?
  3. What kinda of items u want on him?
  4. Diablo account

    Just names or have gear?
  5. So youre expecting around 5,000 usd for the paladin ?
  6. $2000 Buy everything i have

    Still got any of these?
  7. Would like a btals 10x bmana blizz sorc as well as equally equipped hdin with the basica 20-5 sc charms anni torch basically looking for full characters here. Preferablly with 08 perms like aslippers and fletch etc.
  8. Cain's PM

    i think you care to much lol
  9. The Thread of Ignorance: Blu Ray

    TL:DR version Dvd>bluray Maddhatter= faggot grow some balls kid.
  10. 04 REP!

    my first an second accounts were 04
  11. The Thread of Ignorance: Blu Ray

    blu-ray will fail 2 beat dvds like the people who buy it
  12. lewl

    nader was awesome.
  13. xmas gifts

    tv 4 parents laptop 4 bro ps3 4 bro