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  1. What kinda of items u want on him?
  2. Diablo account

    Just names or have gear?
  3. So youre expecting around 5,000 usd for the paladin ?
  4. $2000 Buy everything i have

    Still got any of these?
  5. Would like a btals 10x bmana blizz sorc as well as equally equipped hdin with the basica 20-5 sc charms anni torch basically looking for full characters here. Preferablly with 08 perms like aslippers and fletch etc.
  6. Cain's PM

    i think you care to much lol
  7. The Thread of Ignorance: Blu Ray

    TL:DR version Dvd>bluray Maddhatter= faggot grow some balls kid.
  8. 04 REP!

    my first an second accounts were 04
  9. The Thread of Ignorance: Blu Ray

    blu-ray will fail 2 beat dvds like the people who buy it
  10. lewl

    nader was awesome.
  11. xmas gifts

    tv 4 parents laptop 4 bro ps3 4 bro
  12. The Thread of Ignorance: Blu Ray

    stfu nerds, got a ps3 and my tvs are all Hd and yes i got the Hdmi cable but i only play the games blu ray look exact same wtf you nerds buying it for...dvd is exact same shit except its cheaper and you can burn them etc, if people switch over to blu ray like they did dvd then Pc are gonna have to be made cd/dvd/blu ray rewritable everything will be more expensive and sony will have lcok down on that shit Fuck that..
  13. they loook the same and cost more... fukking stupid..they last longer than dvds?? all my dvds still work so wtf..bullshit.. Dvd actually was > vhs...but bluray FU.