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  1. Dj_kilmore

  2. 9x 45 Traps & 9x 45 Ele FT

    i'll bin these if you take paypal!
  3. pm me bin on stone gorget
  4. GG Melee Gear

    25 @ Imp touch and rune grip been trying to get in touch with you gl!
  5. Pally Ammy, Melee Ring

    lmk bin on ring
  6. Spending 200-300$ for GODLY Ghost/Hybrid gear

    i have a godly sin pm me
  7. GG Melee Gear

    12$ @ rune grip u take paypal on small items?
  8. all adds $760 Bin it all for $600 i will add some extra 08 uniques and some 07 rings
  9. yes everything is legit/perm If interested please offer or bin
  10. in search of a full character

    http://www.dtrades.org/index.php?/topic/432813-5-perfect-and-affordable-characters-for-sale/ check them out
  11. Iso some itens

    westwood's gspurs here
  12. I have decided to move on from d2 so my characters are for sale! All items have history and if you are seriously interested i will Pm you. I only accept w/u or m/o. A med can be used for any trade if requested Zyb the v/t 2pal 23strg 14dex 52life 19all res Legit ammy 100% p griefz 579 100% p up'd hoz P ap nigma 20ias 3%ll 10cb 13strg 15dex 16life 23%cold res 100% p dungos 201 p up'd Waterwalks P matching bk and raven P ber shako 6-6-4 3/3/1 foh cta 100% 15/15 p st spirit 9x 45 pcomb eyes 10x 20-5 M coins 25/20/20 P torch 20/20/5 anni Stashed P Lw pb P st melee exile P st res exile 15/40 P shako 15/15 P shako 20/20 wisp P dusk and p Wyrm enigma (for styles) Merc P ebotd wp 15/3 p sa eth fort 08 gaze Bin $160 w/u or m/o Kripz the hdin Wizzy 9/9/35lr/9all r jewel'd 100% P 15/15 st spirit P 7/9dex/37cr/10all res shako 2pal 19dex 60life 54light res 18all res < top ammy P dusk nigma P trangs P arach P matching bk and raven Single up'd Vtramps 6-6-4 hs cta 100% P 15/15 st spirit 9x 45 eye pcombs 10x 20 5 M graph 20/20/5 anni 25/20/20 p torch stash P 7/9dex/36fr/7all res shako P 7/9dex/37lr/8all res shako P bk P 20/20 wisp 100% 15/3 385 60 eth doom ca (rare) Merc 100% P insight eth Cv 100% P eth andys 15/30'd 100% P eth sa fort Bin 130 w/u or m/o Vnz the Bow Zon 2zon 30frw 29enhanced dmg 26strg 8max dmg 2os 40/15'd circ P diamond faith P ap fort Cats eye ammy P raven 9min 16strg 14dex 17life 9all res ring 100% p dungo 100% p war travs 2passive 20ias kb 15dex 6attd gloves P up'd eth titans P Ss 30ed 9dex 30lr -15req jewel'd 7x 5frw/3/20 paws 30x 32020s paws 20/20/5 anni 25/20/20 Z torch Stash 451 psn sc P aldurs P Tgods Merc 100% P 15/3 Pride eth Cv 100% P eth andys 15/30'd 100% P eth sa fort Bin $200 Vns the sorc *Es set up* 100% P Nw 5-5'd 100% P fathom 5-5'd 2sorc 10fcr 30strg 9energy 77mana 18all res (Es ammy) Es ormus 420+def 15%cold dmg 3Es 15%reg 100% P spirit mon matching sojs P arach P single up'd frost 30/10 58mana 5%max mana 10%reg 35psn res boots 6-6-4 flail cta 100% P spirit mon 9x 45 cold eye graph 10x 20-17 bmana graph 20/20/9 anni 25/20/20 torch stash P blizz ormus 482def 15/15/15/15 5-5'd 100% P eth treks 12fhr eye graph cold gc 6-6-4 3/3/3chant Es cta 6-6-4 3/3/3ts Es cta 2x 5/17 bmana graph 08 Nightsmoke (50% dtm) 100% p eth doom ca 15/3 385/60 (rare) Merc 100% 15/3 eth infinity Ca 100% P eth andys 15/30'd 100% P eth sa fort Bin 120 Wsin the hybrid 2sin 20fcr 112ar 17dex 13life 2os circ berber'd Storm hide Fools claw 2trap 2ls 2sm 2wp 2os40-15'd (One of a kind claw) http://i44.tinypic.com/2nkl8wx.jpg P chaos claw 340 3ls/3mb/3df P ap nigma 10fcr 118ar 19strg 14dex 90mana 16light res ring P raven P arach P trangs 100% p shadow dancers 6-6-4 flail cta 100% P spirit mon 9x 45 shadow gcs 10x 20-5 paw gfx 20/20/5 anni 25/20/20 torch stash 10x 32020s paws (vs melee's) P wyrmhide nigma (for style) P 20/20 wisp Merc 100% P 15/3 infinity Ca 100% P eth andys 15/30'd 100% P eth sa fort Bin 150 Bins are pretty much set in stone, but offers are welcome
  13. Everything i have For trade

    im interested in faith of ice do you take paypal gift? if not 40 w/u to cover fees
  14. i'll bin the lld as discussed via Pm