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  1. cool a poser, thats NOT my d2 acc i dont "phishing link" and you're saying battle.net phishing link, you got xcali'd son. wrong person i am owner of venom- on lad but im not "4kiko" my other dtrades acc http://www.dtrades.org/index.php?showuser=6859 wich got jacked + scammed on if tenj or someone wants to ban this acc go for it, i have massive proxies ill make another ;\ i havent scammed n shit.
  2. warned for what? making a legitimate money offer but not feeling comfortable with this oversea character ? ok sorry paul taulborg and it isnt a flame, oversea is actually a faggot, he will tell u himself hes a jolly ol' faggot that loves dick oversea plz say u do
  3. $500 , you give first faggot
  4. Prly East Ladders Best Hdin

    sell me your circs for fg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. this kid runs his sins on a leech bot 24/7 with gear on so its like 110% legit.. oversea spends most of his time playing WoW (he has like 32x lvl 70's also he won a marathon at a local nerd shop called "Gamers United" he stayed up 6 days 13 hours straight on WoW
  6. if paypal must be verified non c/c from a very trusty member money order = autowin i prefer this my bvc's name is "Alt" I've had him for years I can get more then enough vouches on his legitimacy,every item listed = 100% perm/legit. Inventory: 37x permed 3/20/20 scs 20/20 barbarian torch 20/20/6 anni Helmets: 200% ED/6% LL 40/15 ias'd Arreats 357/30/31 COA Upped perfect kiras diadem Ort'd (100 lite res) This cute bo helm Weapons: CTA for bo 3 warcry crystal sword 2x Fal'd Demon limb 167% hel'd widow maker Armors: 775 bp enigma treachery scarab husk. Belts: 138 120% ed arach 143/13 life rep/40 vit/15 dr dungos 200% thunder gods Boots: permed soul shanks infernostrides 200% non-upped gore riders Jewelery: 2x 250/20 raven frosts 2x angelic rings 1x angelic amulet 2xsojs 1x3+warcry amulet Highlords Amulet Gloves: 74 defense trang-oul gloves 10% lifeleech 15 str draculs grasp
  7. DAMN BRO !!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE ONE TOUGH BAD ASS MOTHER FUCKER !@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 shut the fuck up pansy
  8. Holy shit get a new word you fucking 36 year old loser lalalala
  9. 10,000 POST THREAD

    d2jsp would have gotten 30k replies in a hour if they allowed a thread like this LOL THIS THREAD WAS ALMOST MADE A YEAR AGO
  10. I got my first blowjob in 1986. Prepubescent? LOL....Is that the best flame you can pry from the depths of your slurred mind? Pathetic little rube. Born Aug-5-1972 HOLY SHIT, get the fuck out of here 36 year old virgin LOL, you have never gotten a blowjob or touched a tit, omg get the fuck off the internet
  11. fucking moron posting googled pics from his moms computer thinking they're remotely funny go fucking kill your self you prepubescent nerd
  12. FT: Names

    if jsp fg/dtrades fg 1:1 etc Kurast - 40 jsp fg Panther - 50 jsp fg lmk ????