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  1. Magic: The Gathering

    Yeah a lot of people I knew whom played all quit as well around that time... I still have a Kismet and Stasis deck somewhere though that I never got rid of
  2. Magic: The Gathering

    I played when I was back in school. I haven't followed or touched the game since Mirrodin so a good 13 years or so.
  3. Magic: The Gathering

    Those are pretty remarkable
  4. WTF MATE?

    Oh man even Bryn is back here...also great to hear you almost have everything all fixed up Cain I'll take a look at that private server, may have to jump on it for some old times sake
  5. Happy Ten Juna Day!

    Omg....Lol I remember this! That's to funny that you actually found that..isn't it funny how much time has gone on since?
  6. Happy Ten Juna Day!

    Holy crap...It's you...talk about a blast from the past
  7. Happy Ten Juna Day!

    Check out Grim Dawn. You'll like it I'm sure, I think it's even closer than POE is to D2 but YMMV
  8. Wow international users???

    Ahh, it would be neat to have it tied to IP Addresses but it's not a huge deal, just more something that's interesting to see
  9. Wow international users???

    That's interesting. So is this member map only for members currently active since you brought dtrades back up? Or is it from the start? I would of expected a wider spread if it's from the start until current
  10. Space Engineers? Anyone?

    You can put me down as interested in it
  11. Paid mods list

    Sometimes we bite off more than we can chew, but moving forward we know how to improve even if it's just for the social aspect of things
  12. Paid mods list

    That one isn't that bad at all, I like the darker themes. The previous one you linked wasn't my fav by any means but looking at it now, I can say that the memories come flooding back haha
  13. Adelaide

  14. Worklist for dTrades v4.1

    It's the thought that matters
  15. Worklist for dTrades v4.1

    Sounds good! Everyone whom reads this should be tossing him a follow on Twitch and support our fearless leader, that has brought us all back together to fight the forces of evil once again
  16. Worklist for dTrades v4.1

    BOOOM, Cain with another genius idea
  17. Worklist for dTrades v4.1

    Lmao shhh I'm old now! Actually I'm semi distracted watching the Hannibal TV Series on Netflix and playing Overwatch (Kynnar#1487 is the Btag for anyone interested)
  18. Worklist for dTrades v4.1

    That'd be pretty great, I like that idea. Maybe a lottery system as well if it's not to difficult, just for some fun. Weird that a newer version of IPB doesn't support featurs from an older one
  19. Worklist for dTrades v4.1

    I know that pain. Competitive for Overwatch just launched last night so that's been my time drain and I bought DOOM on Steam with the big summer sale they have going on...so no free time here.
  20. Worklist for dTrades v4.1

    Thanks <3 How about we do 20 HR and 15 SOJ? Or Perm Fletch lol The fact I remember so much from D2 is a little disturbing at times >.<
  21. Worklist for dTrades v4.1

    Haha yes! Thank you, Is there a way to make the font stand out more like the black on green? Think Kawasaki
  22. Happy Ten Juna Day!

    Welcome back!, I know all about feeling old now when you look back at everything and all the friendships and fun times from here
  23. Worklist for dTrades v4.1

    That's awesome! One day mine will glow a spectacular lime like green
  24. Yay!

    </3 Lol