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  1. Gonna try and figure out discord
  2. Perm Gvalors ft

    this dude is the guy who hacked estimprophet fucking low life we should find him and beat the fuck out of him
  3. Perm Gvalors ft

    how much is the btc to usd for the 177 ? btw the 158 myticalmans was my gvalor
  4. Godly Zeal

    i can do 200 lmk me
  5. wow i would think this thing would sell at 200 max gchaos and fury that much ? dam gl selling any ways
  6. FT Perm Fletch

    i bought it for 30 already
  7. i am on now i had no clue u were sending lol ill wait for u i guess
  8. i am not good with prices just offer hehe
  9. FT Perm Fletch

    ill give u viper tremples or pnb lifer set 45s like 3 44s all macthing or shanks for this let me know lookin 2 flecth asap
  10. pnb Chronic-Ftp is my jsp
  11. Shanks and Rune Slippers

    whats ur d2jsp?
  12. Shanks and Rune Slippers

    ya civic-geo me i asure u there 100000000% permed u can do any test u like i am going on a wild duck chase for these
  13. tryin 2 trade shanks and rune slippers for flecth gspurs ....... 100 % perm looking for trusted traders ... will clash test them before i trade ....