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    Link doesn't work :(
  2. Just a post to support you, no rush.
  3. I like how closely it finds me.....at least my old house.
  4. I would bet 95% of those bans were done a decade ago, either those people won't show or they are probably adults who have grown up since then, as one of the great judges in banning way back, I say let em loose. If they get too lippy we can tar and feather them in the battle grounds.
  5. I think D3 still needs a spot, really if you haven't planed since the RoS expansion then you haven't played the game, they share nothing with one another.
  6. Guy named landshark told me about jsp and here......jsp I got an infraction on my first day there, the mod was a complete jerk about it. In fact he refused to remove it even 8 years after. Came here, landed in the right spot on Warsguild.com and poof staff for a few minutes or three. Also became a mod/member of the eaglesnest for old gamers......
  7. I own it.....haven't brought myself to play it yet, pretty much hate Minecraft.
  8. Oh good classic BG madness here..........
  9. lemans81


  10. I am still rocking D3.....with a little SC2 on the site.
  11. Happy Birthday. I am glad the site is up.....I hope we can find more of those old guys I spent so much time bs'ing with, can't wait to hear some updates.....we need lugz. Nostalgia has no price, you have my thanks for bringing the site back up.
  12. RoS, fixed so many things that were wrong with D3.......it is not at all the game it was. I quit and only came back for RoS at a friend begging me, and I am glad I did, been playing on seasons since.
  13. lol, I still had my bookmark for the site.
  14. Cathy is married to my Dad's brother Steve. Its amazing what a small world it can be sometimes....lol.
  15. Your not wrong. I keep promising to come back but life has proven that I just don't have the time to frequent an almost dead forum. I am on overclock.net about every day and sadly facebook.
  16. If someone offered to make me a cake from postabout I would be skeptical of the poison that would be in said cake. But I would need to find someone who is very womanly...like Daniel to make me a cake.
  17. Holy fuck your still alive daniel....I would have though some rogue shotgun blast from a hillbilly drive by would have gotten you by now.
  18. Holy fucking shit...you mean it finally got done.
  19. This thing just keeps rolling huh?
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