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  1. He posts more on bits site, not sure if I'm allowed to post it, but know there is another site for selling d2 items for $, thats all it is. His jsp is LetsFPS He gets on jsp and bits site more than dtrades.
  2. Outgoing email working again

    Good news! Hope to see some more old faces with those password resets over the next few weeks popping in to say hi, specificly I would love to get in touch with Nader!!!
  3. Hall of Guilds testing

    Lol. Oopsy.
  4. Hall of Guilds testing

    Classic up! Love Thy Guild. If you are a member of Classic send a request.
  5. Site Status 08/24/2017

  6. dTrades History...

    XiP messed that up for us
  7. Pioy

  8. Site Status 07/21/2017

    We have that here in Denver too Cain!
  9. D2 Remaster

    More than likely I will check it out.
  10. dTrades History...

    Holy crap Nostalgia. I forgot we ever even ran mud2shop together. Whats up man.
  11. Classic

    Placeholder. Hopefully can edit this one day should I need to.
  12. How did you find Dtrades?

    99white99 told me about this. Met him on d2, still good m8s.
  13. WTF MATE?

    Real nice seeing some of these names still!
  14. AT&T

    cry like a bitch
  15. Shop Items

    I noticed today that all the items I had purchased from the shop are no longer there since the upgrade. Have I lost them forever, or will I be getting them back at some point. Thanks