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  1. This thread fails. You're fat, the end.
  2. Hey lol.

    Just came back for a little visit, who all is getting better? Logan isen't for damn sure. No one is posting here anymore, this forum is dead. I've been gone from PS for like, a month and a half and debating wether i want to return to it or not. anyways peace, chris. p.s remove my warns darling.
  3. Heil Lugzor!

    He is almost deaf.

    wtf is slim jimmed.
  5. like prolly 10. edit: where the fuck did i get 70 posts. double edit: I had like 1.8k on ideA? i think or so. i dunno.\ triple edit: 1.4k
  6. K.


    happy birthday mate.
  8. Scunt? Your odd language flamboozles me. And holy shit tori, you take your flames seriously... You are going all real bitch at uker... Way above whats needed for a gaming forum. SLUTY CUNT.
  9. So I got vent....

    I'm known as the kid with the crickets on vent.
  10. Pregnancy.

    AHAHAHAHAHAH No way is that what really happened. It sounds like a fucking joke, but it isen't. I'd really appreciate if you diden't just laugh at my problems. kthnx. To pws, she told me it's because if i got her pregnant, i woulden't leave her.
  11. Pregnancy.

    She dosen't even trust me, because i've had a long line of cheating on my girlfriends, she's leaving for a few weeks to live with her sister in Kitchener, ONT. zzzzzzzz.