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  2. Ron Paul 2012

    where i live =D
  3. WTF is Going on With My Google Search?

    i have the same issue. i haven't been able to fix it yet.
  4. it's okay...everyone has those moments. site is looking awesome man, good job.
  5. The Sh** just got real

    cool story, but i have no idea what happened..
  6. can someone check pls?

    no. just wait 24 hours...not that big of a deal.
  7. Working On Cars Thread

    Aren't you like 13? 1993. So you're like 13 then. close enough
  8. Lol This Guy..

    in your anus.
  9. Working On Cars Thread

    Aren't you like 13? 1993. Love the fabricated bumpers. You're all right kid. PS: Take that fucking urban mating call outta that TJ before I revoke your honorary redneck license. i wish i could say that i made them, but i didn't. my dad actually made them for me.
  10. Post a picture of your computer setup

    DISO: Dust Rag. Good to know I'm not the only one using TVs for computer monitors...47"/42" in my case though. haha, my dads got a big ass compressor in his garage. i took the picture and then realized it was extremely dirty but was to lazy to go and just wipe it down when i needed to blow it out anyway. are yours only hooked up as monitors or does one double as a t.v. also? i use my lg for my t.v. too.
  11. Well, So much for Dtrades & Diablo 3

    oh.... As much as I hate to admit it, this is good for the players. Puts an end to scamming and other people making money on Blizzard's endeavors. I hope Tenjy doesn't pull the plug on this place. It kinda makes me smile to think that Njaguar is sitting in the corner crying right now. nfag actually seems excited...i don't know if it's fake or not though. He's probably already figured a way to exploit this for his own profit. The idea that a software company will facilitate the players selling items to each other for cash, in game, just seems like a disaster waiting to happen. If the AH was set up for the exchange of gold for items, then the game-gold would have real value and there would be no market for real money transactions. Why would someone pay $20 for an item if they can get the same item for 20,000 game gold at the auction house? See what I'm driving at? I don't get the need for cash trades unless Blizzard intends on getting a cut of this cash. From what I have read there will be three stages of fees: 1) Posting Fee 2) Selling Fee 3) Transfer Fee (Out of the system) ow ow ow. sounds like dtrades is still going to be just as viable then. don't know who would want to deal with all of those fee's, it will just jack prices up.
  12. Diablo 3 New Info Revealed

    It will be uncomfortable for you if you expect it to mimic D2. I believe once you've played it and acclimate to the fact that it is a whole new game, you will probably love it, as I know I will. The issue with the AH, sadly, is the only aspect that is bothering me. This would have been received by me as fuckin awesome were it not for the option to buy items with cash. After giving it much thought, I began to realize that this is Blizzards answer to continuous income for them to "pay the bills" so to speak. FTP MMO's often run into problems allotting funds for staff and upkeep, bug fixes server costs etc. Guild Wars, for example, funds their servers and staff by selling amenities or "fluff" items, such as fancy costumes that characters could wear in town. As well as upgrades such as extra storage space. They supplemented their income to pay for the ongoing costs associated with maintaining the game, the servers and all the shit associated with running an MMORPG. All these ancillary aspects were purchasable though their online store and the beauty of it was that none of these things provided a player with any advantage over other players, be it in PvE or PvP. This is where I'm drawing a frown on the 'real cash' auction houses. This DOES provide players with a distinct advantage over other players that cannot, or will not, engage in the transfer of real money for in-game items. The argument for the AH is: ________________________________________ People are doing this anyway via 3rd party sites. Dupes cannot be made available through the AH. The existence of the AH will kill 3rd party sites. ________________________________________ One reason why, as you claimed RKD, that Njag seemed to be happy is as follows; A practical manner of attracting people to 3rd party sites would be by underselling the AH's going rates. i.e. If Armor piece X sells for an average quote of $20 in the AH, then a 3rd party site could offer Armor Piece X for $12.95. Through manipulation of going rates at the AH, a 3rd party site could engage in competitive pricing. I see a constant flux of confusion being brought on by these competing entities that will cause the AH system to become dysfunctional. Exploitation cannot be wiped out any more effectively than the war on drugs wiped out drugs. The method of operation for both sides will have to be constantly evolving, but the 3rd parties will prevail. Which leads me to wonder what the end-game of the AH's functionality will be. All this is enough to make my head hurt. Though it will be interesting to witness how this all plays out, I will do what I do, enjoy the game and play for myself, by my own rules. What people do down at the auction house is their own business and it shouldn't affect me anymore than it affected me in D2 when I would duel folks that are geared exclusively with equipment that they bought with a credit card. I don't expect it to mimic d2 at all, i just wish it would. i don't play video games very often, just d2 and the occasional halo. but i'll give d3 a shot. Also, i didn't understand why everyone was screaming fg will die with the auction house, i thought the same thing, people will just sell for cheaper...
  13. Post a picture of your computer setup

    42" vizio on left 42" lg on right