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  1. It may be working, it may not be working.
  2. anyone playing PU: Battlegrounds?

  3. I have no idea who mewi is at all.
  5. You're like a terrible version of the Doctor. Just up and disappearing for years at a time. We kinda forget about you.....Then you come back and we are like "woaaah, he's alive!"
  6. *rubs eyes* *slaps self* *adjusts monitor* *slaps self again* *slaps The_Futon_God*
  7. Not like he has anything else to do with his life than slum in the BG.
  8. I spent a few months doing single player play-throughs, but that was about it for the last couple of years. Gave away all my East stuff last year sometime and let my characters and accounts expire.
  9. This seems like a stupid fucking idea, but I don't know why or how. I just wanted to call at least one of your ideas a stupid fucking idea. I don't actually mean that, but this is the BG after all. Though, thebattle.zone is kinda cool url.
  10. What about this other logo? https://web.archive.org/web/20060303135606/http://www.dtrades.org/style_images/surge_ex-733/surge_hdr_ls.gif
  11. Found my opposite in a duel game once. Dv_death says I'm the best. I don't remember the exact story behind this one - but uh....somehow I won a 1v4. The one of a kind GHades (East) first few weeks of 1.10 Snoopy lost. Ya'll remember Snoopy right? The "pro east #1 hammerdin" Not so pro losing to MF din. I wasn't rich with good items, but I don't need items when I'm rocking these amazing gaming skills. This fucktwit ghost that shoots lightning fuckfuck. Pre-Infinity days....took my m
  12. When I do a google image search for "dtrades.org" my avatar is the second image - tenjy's is the third. Anyway: https://web.archive.org/web/20050801000000*/http://dtrades.org Looks like DTrades or dTrades...
  13. They sound, amazing, even in a room with awful acustics.
  14. I always forget just how young some of us must have been back in the glory days.
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