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  1. dTrades History...

    So awesome to see what all the old servers looked like. God I really hope we all get to see a D2 HD, we deserve it.
  2. So now that Starcraft rematered is on the way, surely it's only a matter of time before our favorite game gets a facelift... If we saw a D2 remaster by mid 2018~ how many of you would play?
  3. Site Status 5/7/2017

    That's too cool Cain! I'm glad to hear things are working out.
  4. Site Status 5/7/2017

    What are you doing for school?
  6. The Diablo III Beta Draws to a Close
  7. Diablo III Release Date: May 15

    I'm so psyched.
  8. Diablo III Release Date: May 15

    That's awesome. I'm so psyched!
  10. AT&T

    Okay now I've seen everything.
  11. Guild Wars 2 Beta

    I enjoyed the first Guild Wars, and perhaps you may enjoy the second installment of the series. & Once you've filled out your information and sent in your computer specs, go to the resend link and put your e-mail in. If you did everything correctly you should receive an e-mail. Signups end very soon. You've got less than a few hours to sign up if you're interested!
  12. Anyone have a D3 Beta I can use?

    Sent you my info Cain. Ask and you shall receive.
  13. I downloaded it and played for about ten minutes. It felt nothing like a Diablo game. If it's like this at release, I don't think I'll be playing.
  14. Congratulations! I hope it's a good game.
  15. I signed up around August of last year and now just got invited in. Woo. I may post my first impressions here, both the good and the bad.