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  1. So awesome to see what all the old servers looked like. God I really hope we all get to see a D2 HD, we deserve it.
  2. So now that Starcraft rematered is on the way, surely it's only a matter of time before our favorite game gets a facelift... If we saw a D2 remaster by mid 2018~ how many of you would play?
  3. That's too cool Cain! I'm glad to hear things are working out.
  4. What are you doing for school?
  6. The Diablo III Beta Draws to a Close
  7. I'm so psyched.
  8. That's awesome. I'm so psyched!
  10. Okay now I've seen everything.
  11. I enjoyed the first Guild Wars, and perhaps you may enjoy the second installment of the series. & Once you've filled out your information and sent in your computer specs, go to the resend link and put your e-mail in. If you did everything correctly you should receive an e-mail. Signups end very soon. You've got less than a few hours to sign up if you're interested!
  12. Sent you my info Cain. Ask and you shall receive.
  13. I downloaded it and played for about ten minutes. It felt nothing like a Diablo game. If it's like this at release, I don't think I'll be playing.
  14. Congratulations! I hope it's a good game.
  15. I signed up around August of last year and now just got invited in. Woo. I may post my first impressions here, both the good and the bad.