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  1. Looking for perm Gclaws and 5/3/20 frw’s and 5/5 frw/@res Discord: DreamWizard#4325
  2. Wondering price on 08 HL and Gclaws, and Bmanas, and 08 boots
  3. ~* 2 Godly Ho's / 2 Godly prices!! *~

    Well thats it for me... You guys let Assassin walk outta here with a killer deal. Oh well she's in good hands now.. I'd like to thank all of you for keeping the D2 community alive and well. Ill See you all in D3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Over and Out
  4. ~* 2 Godly Ho's / 2 Godly prices!! *~

    Items were handed over to saber.... Im gonna go cry like a fucking baby......
  5. ~* 2 Godly Ho's / 2 Godly prices!! *~

    i suppose that will be alright. I will also PM saber
  6. Spending some $$'s

    Hey i pm'd you info on jsp. Lemme know if you need anything else.
  7. ~* 2 Godly Ho's / 2 Godly prices!! *~

    looks like a have a buyer Ill be Pming Bruno to mediate this trade as soon as i get confirmation from Assassin
  8. ~* 2 Godly Ho's / 2 Godly prices!! *~

    Im lowering the price to $400 for the entire Ghost. That includes both unnamed Gclaws and 2 sets of inventories and everything listed... People THIS IS THE BEST DEAL ON PA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. ~* 2 Godly Ho's / 2 Godly prices!! *~

    i will pm you about this. We'll have to baal run for a good amount of time etc..
  10. Iso glitched chaos and fury

    I have a pair that are unnamed, they're untested but the history is sound and im legit. Poeple have been asking me to sell separate but im already selling them so cheap imo.... $450 for the claws, 2 inventories, and ridiculous amounts of other gg's my thread is on here somewhere... take a look!
  11. ~* 2 Godly Ho's / 2 Godly prices!! *~

    we all would like these claws tested... and if i sold separatly they would be as expensive as im asking for everything im including..... If anyone can test these with me, id really like to sell this char, i would PAY SOMEONE to test the claws with me as a matter of fact.
  12. ~* 2 Godly Ho's / 2 Godly prices!! *~

    Would any of you guys with perm Gclaws care to baal with me for some time? im willing to compensate to sell this ghost... i need to buy presents. Ill work out a deal with someone the buyer approves and we can go from there. Happy Holidays everyone
  13. ~* 2 Godly Ho's / 2 Godly prices!! *~

    Im sorry someone has offered to bin @ 450 already im just looking for unperm claws to clash with the history is stated above and thats all i know (goes back 4 years).....
  14. ~* 2 Godly Ho's / 2 Godly prices!! *~

    desperatly trying to find Unperm Gclaws anywhere and im shit outta luck so far. If anyone knows ANYONE with these please let me know i am willing to pay/trade or w/e so i can F'ing clash test already....