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  1. Selling my Godly BvC

    i approve this message
  2. Last sale - done with diablo

    i found it fishy how gert never plays d2 and was active on here and buying pixels. probably sold his pa account. or maybe he just went bad. lol
  3. Cheap trapper for sale

    smooth transaction, thanks what now bitch???
  4. awesome package deal

    Sale fell through, he tried to scam me over w/u (lolwut?) Anyway, back up ft, 200 usd. who tried? O_O http://www.dtrades.org/index.php?showuser=27415 http://forums.d2jsp.org/user.php?i=600185 He kept begging me to drop the items as soon as he sent the number for w/u over and over, so I thought that was super fishy.. Then I went up there last night (when he said he sent it) about 30 minutes after, nothing. Went up there today (over 12 hours after he sent it) still nothing. They tried calling the number listed on the picture of the receipt he gave me, and it wasn't a valid number. Poor guy. LOL just fyi, you don't have to personally go to check if the money is there, just use this https://www.westernunion.ca/WUCOMWEB/transf...extSecurePage=Y
  5. Cheap trapper for sale

    nope, i'm a baller need my $20 bill only way ill give you a $20 is via my trusted paypal via gift. Have done it before with 2 other people on this site. And have over 3,000 in transactions on my paypal, not one charge back. LMK saw your post the first time. not dealing with paypal. i don't even have an account, nor would i use it if i did.
  6. Cheap trapper for sale

    nope, i'm a baller need my $20 bill
  7. Cheap trapper for sale

    no u this was supposed to be sold today sorry bjenkss, $20 to me and you pay the $5 fee ><
  8. 300 ed eth fools sword???

    vouch gg dude right here gl
  9. Cheap trapper for sale

    3,000 views lol i'll throw in some respec tokens
  10. Cheap trapper for sale

    work mainly, haven't seen you either w/u only sorry steveo
  11. buying 60usd worth items/fg

    Got it, just making this post to warn people about fabe123, still a validating member who said he'd bin my druid. We got in game and he asked who goes first, obviously I said he would or we could use a med. However apparently he's heard bad things about pa meds so he won't use them and he can't just hand over $125 so I should just obviously trust him. Watch out guys, although I don't think anyone is dumb enough to give their items first to a user who refuses a med and has 3 posts and isn't even a member of this site yet. you'd be surprised man, ROFL
  12. Cheap trapper for sale

    LOL nah bro it takes 1 second to bump this
  13. Iso sexy trap sin gears

    DO IT http://www.dtrades.org/index.php?showtopic=427561