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  1. Holy Shit.

    Yeah, fuck kikes!
  2. How did you find Dtrades?

    I don't remember, but I was in middle school at the time. I think it was mentioned from someone on my friend's list or in a chat channel.
  3. Wow.. hi

    Looks like I arrived just in time.
  4. rike1

  5. If the most recent Duke Nukem isn't a lesson, then I don't know what is. Diablo III may be bitched about for its release length, but if it is the game of the decade at least it won't go the route of Duke Nukem.
  6. Ron Paul 2012

    It won't happen. Even if he wins the most delegates, the GOP has the power to nominate someone else at the convention, which is almost guarenteed to happen.
  7. Ron Paul 2012

    I changed my party to Republican so I could vote for him this primary season.

    I'd love to see Smith keep up with the Saints, but I think the lack of offense will undoubtedly show this weekend. If Tebow beats the Pats, Ron Paul beats Obama.

    Tebow is kind of like Ron Paul. Everyone can't take them seriously but they're still kicking.

    You know Shannon and I deserved the championship match in league 1. Fuck Maurice Morris.
  11. Happy new years dtrades!

    Pfft. New years are lame.

    I didn't watch the Colts game but I see a lot of Texans complaining about referee calls. Confirm or deny. And it is really a shame that the Texans won't have Schaub (or even Leinart) for the playoffs. They're going to be hardpressed to keep up with playoff teams. I for one don't really blame the Colts for potentially missing the chance to draft Luck. It's a lot of money to dole out when he really isn't needed for at least a year, if not three. Unless Manning is injured next year and can't play, Indy has time to prepare for Manning's departure. The Vikings need a QB however.
  13. Anybody Playing Skyrim?

    Lol, I have Amazon prime.
  14. Anybody Playing Skyrim?

    Dude, I don't have a clue. I had looked forward to it for a long time so I took a 2 hour long road trip with a buddy to go to my most reliable chronic source 2 days before BF3 released. The week after BF3's release is when I logged the majority of my play time. Looking through my account at my gun statistics; I don't recall using most of those weapons for anywhere near the amount of time that it states I've used them. I just recall C4'ing everything at the beginning b/c it was a blast. (haha @ the pun.) I also don't know who half the people on my friends list are or recall playing with them. My K/D is 1.5 though... IDK... Like I said, my guy is reliable... Purple and orange shit that looks like sugar has been sprinkled on it. I just recently got motivated enough to overclock my 1.5 year old boss gfx card. I'm now playing the game on ultra @ 1080p with around 31-38 fps. But, I'm pretty much a tank whore at this point, kind of passively playing while waiting for the Back to Karkand expansion and some much needed balance patching. I ordered Skyrim on Black Friday, along with Dark Souls, and have yet to receive either. >< What platform(s) are you playing those games on? I've never liked Assassin's Creed. I played the demo for Batman 1, it was ok. It was a little like MGS4 in a weird way... That said, I'd much rather play MGS4. (<- best single player experience this gaming gen, fingers crossed on Skyrim.) I play on the 360. My computer is shit and my dad kept the PS3 when I left for college. I love the Creed games, especially the third one. I also hated Arkham Asylum but Arkham City is supposed to be better. I started it today and it's alright. I've yet to play MGS4. I can't stomach the fact that it contains hours of cutscenes. I play games to play games. I watch movies to see a good story. I want to start playing BF3 online but I haven't played a BF game since BF1942 and I don't really want to fuck up my K/D ratio so early. Is the campaign any good?
  15. 11k!

    There was a time called middle school when all I did in life was play Diablo 2. I used to have like 60+ posts a day on this site.