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  1. BIN price lowered to $135! Lets get this godly smiter sold
  2. c/o but its worth much more than that sorry.
  3. Lowering BIN to $185! Will also throw in a battle order prebuff barb Lowering BIN to $150!
  4. Lowering BIN to $185! Will also throw in a battle order prebuff barb
  5. rofl, way to find the one item that isnt perfect But yeah ill shoot you a PM
  6. No one needs an insane 100% perfect smiter?!
  7. ~~ FT: “Spartikis” East’s Top Smiter/Charger ~~ GENERAL INFO I’m selling as a whole but feel free to offer on individual items in case I change my mind. Please only click on items you absolutely need to see, I have limited bandwidth. CURRENT OFFER None BUY IT NOW PRICE None ITEM HISTORY Listed next to each item. GEAR 100% Perf Grief BA Intimidation -> Spartikis 100% Perf Grief PB DiabloII -> Spartikis 100% Perf AP Engima Artifacts -> Spartikis 100% Perf Up’d HoZ BULL -> Spartikis 100% Perf Verdungos Havok420 -> Spambam -> Spartikis 100% Perf Gores vHarmony -&g
  8. Just found and will include a 9th mule character with various unique and runewords
  9. Godly druid for just $75 http://www.dtrades.org/index.php?showtopic=431379
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