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    Soccer has been my life since i was 4.. i love cars, girls, friends, partying, the usual.. ^.^
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  1. Worklist for dTrades v4.1

    This is exciting. I used to be an avid fan of dTrades. It started my love for the forum community. Keep up the good work
  2. Happy Ten Juna Day!

    This is interesting. <3 If anyone here still plays CSGO, throw me a friend request. PM me for my steam link ^^
  3. ViCtim

  4. Who remembers Diablo I?

    Diablo 2, back when it was .08 was the best time.. When SOJ's had a meaning. When High Runes weren't even the real currency.. When Valors were like WOAH to drop.. and Cows were the way to level Don't get me wrong, i loved running ladders etc.. but i think if i could, i'd go back to .08
  5. Been a while

    Well since the last time I posted here, I have joined the Marine Corps. Been to California, Rhode Island, and South Carolina.. I'm now back in Rhode Island finishing up my MOS school and heading BACK to South Carolina for my duty station. Just came around to say hello to some old faces
  6. does this have a jsp fg c/o?
  7. ~*~ Pelts Galore ~*~

    75 on blood brow 10 on spirit cowl lmk a bin when you get one please
  8. Wow its been a while

    Are you still the #1 troll around here?
  9. Call Of Duty MW2

    I wish i still played' i quit at like 4k kills, 2.2kdr call of duty is too addicting for my lifestyle nowadays
  10. 10,000 POST THREAD

    Oldschool members here eh?
  11. Hi Im new here

    Hi John!
  12. Wow its been a while

    LoL well how have you guys been? again? Good Christmas / New years?!
  13. The Hangover

    Saw it, laughed til i cried.. Top 2 movies of the year i'd have to say ^^