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  1. I'll give you $7 per perm 20-5 for every one you have.
  2. Do you still have this: 40/15/13/120% Dungos 145 Defense ($4.00) If so what's the stamina on it? I might need it.
  3. Can anyone tell me what the ias breakpoints are for smite and how much ias is needed to hit them using a 40 ias grief berserker axe and a 40 ias grief phase blade?
  4. Ft: Perm 20-5 Sc

    I don't really use dtrades that much, and it wouldn't really be worth taking the time to get vouches for such a small trade. I'm selling it extremely cheap so. . . Just look at my tt.
  5. Ft: 1x Perm 20-5 Sc Iso: Ber, Ist, Sur rune.
  6. Iso: 395+/40 Grief PB

    ? I sent you the money. Why would I give you a positive tt for nothing? My friend is now telling me that the grief is non legit.
  7. Iso: 395+/40 Grief PB

    yeah, 40 ias is a must. It can be 390+ though. Doesn't have to be 395+ I'll probably be buying from duelcraft though.
  8. FS: Most of my smiter

    $30 for the grief pb.
  9. Iso: 395+/40 Grief PB Ft: Verified; Non c/c Paypal
  10. Pvp pub dueler

    Since when does Bm duels even matter? Or have any influence on skill.. They don't. He's never gotten one kill on me so he's sad for making stuff up. . .but even sadder for saying it was bm which takes no skill.
  11. Pvp pub dueler

    That's odd, I remember 1-0'ing your druid "Pelt" and then you s/e'd. es Fb > es Light > Ele druids Thats odd didnt I 5-0 1v1bm your chinky hammerdin? No. . . you didn't. You left the game naked after that one kill I got on you. If you say otherwise I suggest you show proof of this.
  12. Pvp pub dueler

    That's odd, I remember 1-0'ing your druid "Pelt" and then you s/e'd. es Fb > es Light > Ele druids
  13. So let me get this straight. . . 10 base points into lightning resist aura = 5% to max lightning resist when I have any aura but resist lightning on, and when I have it on it'll add 10% max resist when I have the resist lightning aura on. 10 base points = light resist without aura on and 85 light resist when aura is on?
  14. If it takes 2 points added into it to get 1% to max resist how come it says on www.battle.net that 1 level = 1 resist?
  15. max block with spirit?

    My hdin has 14-15k dmg, 4.7k+ life, and maxblock with spirit.