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  1. Upset

  2. Worklist for dTrades v4.1

    Hello Good to see you are back
  3. 9x 45 Traps & 9x 45 Ele FT

    Hmm I like the Traps I will put 20$ on them @ paypal.
  4. ISO: Paladin Items

    I am indeed upset at jsp. Do you any info on the history?
  5. ISO: 10x 20/5 Small Charms ( Matching ) 9x 45 Life Pcombs ( Matching ) Leave Price$$$ Leave History Will require some possible Vouches Done through paypal. I will only send amount required. Make sure you post the price with the fee in the price. Dont tack on a fee.
  6. Looking for a soild gaming keyboard

    I use the G15 as well and I love it. I was actually thinking of upgrading to the G19 in the future (funds...) but who knows. Razer makes a great product as well!
  7. Free Diablo III

    I wouldn't spend money on the annual pass for a free 60$ copy of a game... Especially when I would stop playing that other game to play the new one.
  8. Saying Whats Up!

    Good to see so many returning members back on Dtrades . I myself just returned today (former name was EziestPersonAlive as it was on JSP.) I have since changed my name on JSP to Upset and Cain did the same for me on here. Lets get this site going again, can't wait for D3!!!
  9. I was the one running the Baal Bot on the name Tenjuna. I have since today returned the name to the rightful owner.
  10. I have just received an email stating Dtrades.org is back... . Awesome. May I make one suggestion, maybe bring back a Runescape Section . FYI: I own the name Tenjuna @ Diablo II ( Never have I EVER said I was you )
  11. Xanhast's 08Valk PayPal

    Nice, cept Commerce is being investigated on JSP for scams... O well Good luck
  12. Free FG

    6.89 FREE FG for the most known person on here that I recall!!! I must know you
  13. Congratz, Wow its been a while since I have been on here
  14. Thanks for the offer C/o @ 45$ by Correctly on the HDIN