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  1. Fafoin

  2. Updated Names

    never had any problem trading with this user so ...?
  3. Med Needed Please.

    yes confirmed
  4. ISO: GG Names

    Kid negative backfeed me because he lost the name izuaL two weeks after we traded, lost the name via xfer and now blaming me that I would namebot the name? LOL and worst of this is you agreed to even try to move the names yourself/agreed that I wouldn't be responsible if you lost the names.
  5. go to battlenet and register your cd keys, then you can download legally the game ^^
  6. I'll accept paypal gift ofc... Names: rd izuaL yo am Nest Flute all the names are on registered account with email, once you sent with paypal I'll give you email/acc/pw etc so you can transfer yourself ....then you can ask someone to transfer em for you ! no bin yet on these names ! adding BLue and Car so list is Car BLue rd izuaL yo am Nest Flute
  7. The Old dTrades is up!

    wow lol
  8. Hello

    Is it possible to change my acc name of dtrades?
  9. ya paypal as gift or wu!
  10. Druid: Helmets: 2/30/20/36life/2os/8res circlet 2/3//2cyclone/10fhr/19life/2os green hawk pelt P Coa 399/30-31 Weapons: jeweled suicide branch P hoto P 6bo cta(6/6/4 and even ed) 35/112/4magic sorb 15ed crystal sword Shields: 100% P spirit mon 35fcr spirit mon bo P bered SS Armor: 100% P D nigma 775-15-15 Boots: 2/25/rand ed shadow dancers P aldurs boots Unnamed Gspurs(pm me for history) Infernos boots Belt: P arach 10fcr/24fhr/35life/17res crafted belt 100% P tgods Rings/ammy Ammy: 2/20/58life/10mana/rege mana/18res druid ammy rings: 10fcr/20str/35+life/75+mana/10res(x2) 2x20% wisps rings P raven Dwarf ring Gloves: P trangs gloves Inventory: 20/20 D torch P anni 10x20/5 bmanas gfx 1x5/5 5x20/11 fire scs(M gfx) 9x45 eye gfx ele gcs (history for this is kakashi_1337-shawnyboy2323-me(pm me for vouches etc) if you need any vouches just pm me here, I'll prolly sell a sin+some nec godly as this char, deciding wether or not obv i'll have to take w/u, unless I know you and can trust you over paypal(doubtful but still) no bins so far, I'll decide as the offers come
  11. 80$ for bowa zon items

    fgt get out of my thread b4 i roam my cawk btw ur throat lol jk
  12. yes ,...Looking for some char ^^