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  1. Kabal

  2. Gamertag: rionx21 I played many games especially FPS such as GoW (gears of war) or COD ( call of duty). I have rpg games as well such as oblivion and dungeon siege. Just hit me up
  3. Im iso a druid ammy that has 2+skills/ and 15%fcr+ (possible if 20 would be great) and any other mod will be cool. Let me know what you want for it like hrs, fg or so, thanks.
  4. romps rushin

    Ty for grush....Tt me when u past ur 100th post btw LoL
  5. My New FT/ISO list.

    Im intrested in ur Pcombats, Ill pm u an offer.
  6. Sup, im setting up a guber shortly(hopefully in an hour) once i get: 1spinner 1bw and some leechers (maybe bout 3?) Lmk whos up for this by pmin me, thanks!
  7. Friend having a guber setup today, Iso 2Spinners and BW if any one is intrested, Pm me about it, Thanks!.
  8. Sorry pete that guber has been done, how ever one of my frinds is doing one 2morrow around 1:00 p.m so there could be leech spot up for a price. Also im iso 2 spinners and 1bwer if any one is intrested, its free for u guys. Also i might do one on a saturday so if any one needs a grush, just pm about it, ill grush+uber and ill get a guber setup. Thanks. Note: Leechers maybe needed on saturday.
  9. DISO + GG ISO

    up'd arreats 192%ed, currently sheal'd. if ur intrested lmk, im iso fg atm.
  10. Nice Trade list

    9x 20-25 Ele Lifers Sup, im intrested in this, how much will u charge to sell about 8? lmk, thanks.
  11. ISO: Summon Necro Gear

    I got: 20/14 N torch 18/16 N torch 18/17 Marrowwalk Lmk if u need these
  12. Complete New Ft/Iso

    +15 Hrs ( total of 31. ) a if u cant get items for the hrs, ill offer some fg on em,lmk. Thanks.
  13. Complete New Ft/Iso

    1st Weapon : 400% Ebotdz hmm does like 65fg sound good for this? lmk please. Gloves : 240Def 54%/17Str Steel Rends-- idk how bout 65 as well? total of... 130fg?
  14. Im currently Iso Spinners and Bwers. You guys can come in for free as i setup the guber. Leechers can come in as well for like 6fg for a spot. Im hoping it can get done soon as possible, so if any one needs a remake, its only 6fg for leech.
  15. mcgz i pm u about this, if u still need it that is.