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  1. Bruno


    Good luck to all
  3. ISO TT's

    haha Kenny ! I TT'd you a long time ago anyway. Sry, I have to close this
  4. 200/4 "BeSh" ~ sx-xip 200/6 ~ coolychilly 200/6 ~ Snuffelupecus
  5. Are they tagged? and my offer is somewhat firm on them. Same as the last 3 pair ive paid for. its bruno.... family is supposed to stick together! bruno has takin enough of my money over the years lol. Actually I don't think you have ever bought something from me lol. And they are unnamed / untagged
  6. Perm gspurs for 20$ paypal gift
  7. Next spam post = warn.
  8. lol wow nice, good luck
  9. I deleted the spam posts. You two, stop spamming or warns will be given.
  10. What he said. Closed.
  11. This zeal is 100% legit / perm I am selling as a whole. The 37x 3/20/20's are one of the oldest set still around today. History is UltimateGamer@jsp --> Coolychilly@jsp --> Bruno Not pictured, but included: - 20/19 Paladin Torch - 20/17/6 Anni - Angelics set - 2x Perfect Raven frosts (250/20) - Highlords - Fal'd Hoz Bin: 300$ I will only accept Money Order or Western Union.
  12. iso jsp accounts

    Don't do that.
  13. looking to buy some items ^^

    Perm gspurs here. Pm me for price
  14. Godly Zeal

    char name is Akinator and my jsp is Bruno I removed my zeal from the melee ladder though when I posted this topic.
  15. Godly bvc ft

    Gl selling Eric.
  16. I am selling this 100% legit 08 valk. It is probably one of the most known legit valks on East. Latest history: Sabersaw --> Bruno Price: 300$ I will only accept Western Union or Money Order.
  17. Legit 131 def .08 Valk

    Ty. Will meet in person this weekend to trade
  18. Iso Legit Valk

    It may be named, but being named makes it unique and 100% trustworthy To me, a named valk with a good history is worth more than an unnamed one that could be anything Pm me if you change your mind