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  1. dTrades History...

    When I checked the PA site, there was an option to be emailed an excel or an html file. An Excel spreadsheet would be fantastic. I know there was like 2000+ msgs stored in my inbox dating back to like 2006 or something haha.
  2. dTrades History...

    i come back once in a while to read this site. just realized that the archive of postabout has all my PM's that I've received/sent since like 2006. is there any way to export them all? a lot of memories there... spent like an hour reading over them. remember when you did that postabout fg buyback? how the hell did you manage that with the funds you had?
  3. Happy Ten Juna Day!

    Lol fucking 8 years ago
  4. yo i think that all members above a certain arbitrary TT rating (say around 70?) shoudl get automatic gold membership. what you say tenjy?
  5. Happy Ten Juna Day!

    what the flying fuck? this site is back? I can't believe this. I can't believe the sheer circumstance that led me to visiting this site again. Holy shit. I have some messages here since 2007... thats fucking 9 years. This is unbelievable
  6. i had about 1k messages worth of messages that were close to my heart when i played d2. i wanted to keep them in my inbox just for the emotional value. and i read them occasionally..... now they are gone. i thought if anyone would understand nostalgia it would be you cain. you should be able to do something. please think about it.
  7. sigh... just read thru 18 pages of msgs spanning all the way back from 07. i had so much fuckin fun trading and jipping people off... theres just that feeling you get when you KNOW you've made an awesome deal. also had so much fun dueling with friends who, when you came home from school, you'd know they'd be on and it was the reason why you'd sign on (aeo, jec, soad). but not only that, we'd inflate each other's items until some sucker would eventually buy it. we'd get such good laughs out of it too. still keep iin touch with one of my oldest friends who i've known on d2 since like 1.07-1.08 which is like fucking 7-8 years ago and i even remember why i met him. i was spamming pub channels begging for a fucking shako which back then was worth quite a bit. and i never really expected to get one but this guy gave one to me. never forgot him for it and when i became fucking rich, i'd make him full characters by simply pm'ing a few people. it was those times where time just goes by in an instant. even if it was just for a few weeks or a few months, i'll never forget that feeling. im sure all of us know about that peace. anyways, ggs, gds, nice trading, its time to move on.
  8. I have about 21 pages of PM's archived when I had unlimited capacity from being a Price Checker..... I really don't want to delete those memories and its not like my messaging is gonna increase a whole lot... Mind giving me unlimited PM storage? If anyone should understand nostalgia, it should be members of this site.
  9. my bowzon is worth more than $300. bin is around $450. apology..? ok ok. its clear im talking to someone with nothing more than testosterone in their brain so i'm gonna let it go from here. hopefully either this guy will come to his senses or someone else will tell him that he is out of his mind. im just trying to warn you and get you out of a scam. as much as i don't like you and think you are a completely helpless idiot, i hate scammers even more. so to that end, gl with your sale and if you really think your zon is 450$ gl even more. when did normal people no longer become the norm?
  10. lol. best things in life? hmm... alcohol, sex, and drugs. none of which are free.
  11. lol i'll take this as an apology. and if you think your bowazon is worth 300$, please PLEASE take Nguyen's offer because I can guarentee no one will offer moer than that.
  12. godly pkr's for sell

    lol. are you joking me? kids these days have absolutely no common sense? someone outbidding themselves by 100$? has no feedback and only 5 posts? L-O-L this should be SCREAMING scam. not to mention the bowazon isn't even close to perfect. if perhaps it had permed 32020's then maybe but not even that. your setup is prolly worth 50$-70$ I would recommend you asking about me before automatically assuming I am a scammer you generic price checking spawn. ask kel or prez of pn who I am before further embarrassing yourself. Embarassing myself? lol. Heres the irony: I wasn't even calling you the scammer, in fact i was giving you advice. I was saying how that Nguyen kid was way overpaying for your zon and how obvious it was a scam. Yet you come here, all defensive like a cat and automatically assume that I am calling you a scammer. What a fucking idiot. If you had even a sliver of intelligence you could have figured out who I was talking about. As for your little "spawn" bit, you have 50 posts and 0 feedback. So I wouldn't throw that word around as if you have somethign to back it up. Lol... "embarassin myself"... Next time, I won't post anything and let you get scammed.
  13. Metroid's btals for m/o

    For one, I have no clue what that guy is saying or who he is. The history of the Btals is posted. I never told you, you had to buy it. mmm denial isn't only the river in egypt.
  14. gg names

    tupac used to be my friend's cold sorc
  15. If anyone's got some spare hdin gear, or any gear in general, let me know. My good friend is starting back up and he needs all the items he can get. I also got hrs, fg, some cold lifers.