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  1. this is my trophy zerker

    10/10 8000fg is liek 400sojs? damnit lol
  2. 1.7k life 5.3k with gmb faith 90 frw with java out hitin the 8fps frame
  3. cuase i something cahrge/desynch to kill zons n necs add ar dmg better than 20 life scs and i cant afford that much life/res scs
  4. my gears are ber shako slippers nigma gore/shanks dungos um hoz grief zerk raven bk 6x 31-35 lifers rest 32020/ 20life scs 17 stats toruch 20 stats anni put 15 to dex non stre/mana rest life lvl 16 bo i think 4.4 life x.x 41 dr
  5. put 15 base dex and 15 only add like 100 xtra life, how ppl hit 5k+
  6. i use like 6x 31+lifers res 32020s shako nigma base life 20 to dex and i got 4.4 life wats gears r best??
  7. wat u mean can break? wat lvl shud be fine?
  8. yeah ii hear it from some people dose it really work, wat bonuses?
  9. wats the best skill pt ditrubtion for vt? i maxed fana so far wats the split for foh and holy shock? tips? i also need hotkey tips for vt cuz its makein me crazy charge,tele,smite,fana,convtion,foh,holy freeze(for desynch) thx
  10. 14-14k with hoto 4.7 life valk setup
  11. charms 7-8 pcombat lifers rest life resit scs ptorch anni Wep: hoto Helm:valk / coa ber ber for druids Ammy:slippers Amor:Eigma Rings: 2 bk / ravens / wisp shield: spirit Belt:arach / tgod /snowclash for sorbs Boots:Hotsspurs/Gspurs/waterwalks Gloves:mages/ trangs i do 7 v 1 on these gears
  12. was i super defensive ? no i kil him 3 kils out of the 5 i went offensive... ok ill wait till u get ur d2 back...so he can rape ur acct... k..noones knows me yet i can rape anyone of u i like to rape e-celebs like u..lmao
  13. nice 2 exucses in one.. dodge #5 since ur sayin he never beat u and he never will why u dodge a ban duel? to u its a easy way to get me ban ..u hate me.. aww not donating like 500 dollars to the site makes me random? LMAO!!!! and u heard wrong? u want me to tele on top of him while he spamming hammers? what i learn from frepot: dbayers cant duel if thier account depended on it and talks shit in forum and dodge every duel.. also ask other ppl(kaer) that has no chance agaist me for help.
  14. dont pretend u dont see this... kaer has too much epride to duel me and lose so he dosent duel me.. even tho i beat some1(accuracy) that beat him... zzz