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  1. theallseeingeye

  2. Hey everybody

    This thread needs Ebola.
  3. Hey everybody

    My girl turned out to have a drinking/vicodin problem. I had no idea it was so bad when we first started kickin it. The last straw was when she "went to the liquor store" and didn't come back for 4 hours, looked like she'd been rollin in hay....and while questioning her I busted out laughing when I noticed a fucking cum stain on her shirt. It was kinda sad but the funny sorta outweighed the sad so I laughed. I kicked her out immediately but the funny thing is she acted heart broken. WTF wit that? White trash is sexy but not exactly marriage material. Good to hear you got income to sit on. You got plans to play D3 when it drops in November? White trash is hot, but you don't date white trash, hell you don't even tell anyone about it. Rookie mistake! Heh. I will probably have to at least give it a shot, we'll see what kind of bullshit I have taking up my time by then.
  4. Hey everybody

    Shit...its tase. I done forgot about you. What kept you away for so long? I just started popin back in to troll bout 2 weeks ago after a 6 month hiatus. I got involved in a failed romance. I really liked that my girl loved to suck cock. I just hated it when she sucked other mens cocks. Kinda disrespectful to the relationship. Women kept me away. When I was still in school I just drank a lot and chased girls, didn't have much time left for forums. Then I graduated and it was work and the girlfriend. I got involved in a failed romance. I really liked that MY girl loved to do everything to my cock, but apparently she wanted to be able to chase after other mens cocks. At least she had the good sense to tell me that before she went and did it. So now I'm back to chasing the ladies, but this time I have something I didn't have when I was in school -- a bankroll.
  5. Hello everyone...I am back from the dead

    I like where your head is at my man. Good to see ya!
  6. Hey everybody

    How's it going boys, girls, men and women? I don't think I've been around here for at the very least a year, probably more like two... glad to see the site is still going! How is everyone? How is life?
  7. Dtrades veterans come here.

    I came for the sex. Or from the sex... I forget.
  8. Man... It's December 5th?

    yeah.... finals have really come my way faster than I expected /signed Spring semester and fall semester flew right the fuck by this year, it was a lot of fun though... heh
  9. Everyone be proud of me.

    IF you love smoking it alot and its really really good weed. More like if you're really fuckin bored.
  10. I challenge you to prove you are sane.

    Your logic is flawed terribly. You are saying that because insane behavior is somehow reasonable to others, whom may be insane, that now the parameters of insanity must now change. Just because like minds think alike, does not suggest that the thinking is reasonable or sane in any way. No, its not. You are changing the definition to support your views. Insanity is not a barometer of socially accepted norms. It is the inability to reason. If you think that your hands are on backward, even though they are most definitely not, then you're not thinking with reason. You are officially tested insane for having these unreasonable thoughts. Ted Bundy was not insane. He was sociopathic, narcissistic and masochistic. He knew it was wrong to kill college women with baseball bats, but he did it anyway. Most likely because he enjoyed it. Jeffery Dahmer was insane because he believed that injecting muriatic acid into the human mind could transform human into a zombie slave. Which is unreasonable and not subjective to social norms. Well put. Furthermore, it's being found that with newer brain scanning techniques we can actually see where the imbalances are in some people(extreme cases), meaning it is not subjective. If you're brain doesn't work the way it is supposed to, you're sick. I have no doubt that as the technology evolves there will be little to no subjectivity left in these diagnoses. For example: http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/A...ociopath/645788 Another cool site: http://www.amenclinics.com/brain-science/s...-image-gallery/
  11. I challenge you to prove you are sane.

    [quote name='
  12. I just totaled my car

    Under those circumstances, anything labeled as "full coverage" should take care of it. As far as your insurance rates go, wait until your insurance company pays out and takes care of the claim, and then go and shop around for the lowest insurance you can find. Switching carriers after you get in a ticket or a wreck will save you piles of money over the long term, since most insurance companies treat accidents you've been in and tickets you've gotten while they were your provider differently than the rest of the accidents or tickets on your record.
  13. Arek goes to Afghanistan

    Pay attention to your surroundings and come back unharmed, good luck man.
  14. Need help getting rid of a Smell

    Dude it's plastic, throw it away and buy a new one... you won't get rid of that smell.