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  1. Hero-

  2. Hey everybody

    <-- slut
  3. inFamous

    not bad..both look like their the same though
  4. 2009 Football Season Predictions

    we doin a fatasy league agian this year?
  5. What would your last meal be?

    i asked my father who was a correction officer at ritgers island for a while about it...he said they only get what they feel you can accually consume..so they wouldnt get you 100+ things to sample off of cause the jail pays for it and they can deny to get you something
  6. I'm a jackass

  7. 2009 Football Season Predictions

    In drafts, yes. So I can pick him up as a steal, yes. I meant his stats too. I could see them going up. But maybe I like reverse psychology plots. Maybe i don't. agree with rike, either will go down or have about the same season...i tihnk the vikings will do good, eagles, possibly detriot if they can establish a D and get a QB, possibly bears and i think the falcons will win NFC south even though im a bucs fan
  8. What would your last meal be?

    3 boxes of peeps, strawberry milkshake, and a turkey BLT sandwich
  9. Can you beat my brute?

    takes 2 seconds to make a character http://barnwallace.mybrute.com
  10. Finally, we have backups

    only 5 years...
  11. Staff Positions Opening

    If you need a mod in any non-diablo related fourm ill gladly assist...been around for a couple of years and would love to help bring the site back to the popularity it use to be
  12. selling some computer games

    Any Chance of u lowering it?
  13. Paintball guns for sell

    What are the internal/external upgrades on both the guns...ive been paintballing for about 10 years and im always looking for new toys to mess with