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  1. My Massive FT List

    could u pm me what annies u still have left? thanks
  2. Buying basically all items

    back and bumping this thread again
  3. My D2 Stuff

    Lmk if u take fg, ill buy all these if u do lmk via pm thanks
  4. FT: Unid Torches

    lol, obviously individual is more expensive than bulk, but how much would u want per?
  5. FT: Unid Torches

    ill buy all u have at 20 fg per
  6. ISO: Hr's

    5 fg per hr, post how many u have
  7. ft: Tons of GODLIES

    15 fg for a mp enigma
  8. Buying basically all items

    pm'd both lord and gin
  9. org set - 15 fg 12x hr - 60 fg
  10. Yard Sale

    4% bk - 10 fg 4 x dkeys - 4 fg hel rune - 2 fg pm me
  11. Buying basically all items

    pm'd everyone i need stuff from keep posting anything, i may need it
  12. Buying basically all items

    ill pm u with what i need