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  1. Happy Ten Juna Day!

    Nostalgia hit hard visiting this site randomly... going through some of my inbox messages from a over a decade ago is crazy LOL. who's still alive from my flist?
  2. Music thread

    the two door cinema song was really good, favorited. the singer sounds oh so familiar to another band but i cant put my finger on it.
  3. Tosh Viewer Video

    im like 90% sure someone already did a viewer video regarding a restaurant setting where some sort of tossed salad is involved. might want to double check.
  4. Music thread

    the next taylor swift (in terms of talent/fame not genre).
  5. Music thread

    ^ i enjoyed that song a bit. pretty unknown band right here.
  6. Music thread

    honestly i didnt really think of wiz all that much when i heard about him a few years ago, but he's grown on me since then. and ya foals are awesome, love the UK bands. a little folky chillest song period.
  7. Music thread

    remix by wiz... not too bad imo.
  8. Music thread

    song of the summer right here.
  9. Music thread

    there's other dubstep remixes are that pretty sick but i liked this one as well.
  10. Wow...

    ya wtf i was enjoying that shiz. Haha me to man, but don't you agree Uker is kind of retarded? lold.
  11. Wow...

    ya wtf i was enjoying that shiz.
  12. iso: fg

    ALL MY FG VS $1000 USD LMK.
  13. I need d2 + lod cd keys

    i tried looking for some cdkeys that peter (monoxide) sent me a long time ago but couldn't find them =/... if you could somehow get a hold of him i know he has tons. I fear he would let me play for a week and then log on them and let it sit idle just to fuck with me. lmao that would be epic. take pic + make me one k?