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  1. Night

  2. Ft:Name Korlic

    Iso:Items or fg
  3. Is It possible

    Disregard this found the shop.
  4. They stoled our bunny

    Thats Fucked as hell
  5. Really not liking the new style
  6. Ft:Name Korlic

    I'm looking for something playable so list up what you have left... I'm really down with anything but a hammerdin/sorc.
  7. Ft:Name Korlic

    Well 350 is c/o Butt i'd really Like a bvc set up or possibly an ele druid...
  8. Ft:Name Korlic

    Old thread but bump...
  9. Ft:Name Korlic

    Btw i would love to get a decent set-up out of this but if that doesn't happen i understand.
  10. what was open song and encore?
  11. Beckham's debut

    imo send him back
  12. Yay Got my new Car..

    i like audi's too bad theres not many in the America...
  13. Crazy Skateboard fall

    One word... Stud
  14. That's pretty underground...

    ....Nothing fantastic...