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  1. Pretty big coincidence that you have posted the big ticket items that were stolen from De
  2. Just looking for a fun char to mess around with: Open for any hybrid r/ws with a level req. of 30 or less. Post what you have! Some examples: Peace of Enigma, Call of Honor, Treachery of Peace, Splendor of Rhyme, Duress of Peace, Obedience of Honor, Death of Honor, Oath of Spirit, Kingslayer of Spirit, Fury of Grace. Also open for any full LLD chars (preferably 18 or 30)
  3. 100% Perfect Melee Barb

    I have BIN'd this barb but I do ask you to go halfway in on w/u fee if that is the method you've chosen. If you feel you shouldn't have to handle it I will do a paypal trade on just invo with someone else. pm'd
  4. 100% Perfect Melee Barb

    **** I forgot to mention that this comes with a 100% perfect SA fort This may be bin'd shortly by acid, however I'm awaiting his response because I cannot accept paypal, regardless of the buyer.
  5. 100% Perfect Melee Barb

    Pm'd about a little lower bin. Everything is going at once tho dood.
  6. 100% Perfect Melee Barb

    Thanks man No one is interested?!
  7. I have a full 100% perfect concer for sale atm, if you decide to go barb instead of pal
  8. 100% Perfect Melee Barb

    Forgot to mention the most recent history is: Hengster@jsp --> Corporate@jsp --> Me
  9. I don't have time to play this at the moment =/. Note that everything is 100% perfect, minor mods too, when reading the gear/inv. Only selling as a whole Helms: Up'd arreat (40-15d) Shields: Cham'd SS 40-15'd SS Armor: Eth Cara (40-15'd) Jewelry: Ravens Highlords Gloves: Rends Boots: Up'd Gores Belt: Dungos Weapon: EbotdZ Switch: 2x 30str 2socket clubs (Fal/Fal for 50str per) Inventory: B-torch Anni 37x M 32020s Regardless if I trust you or not, I cannot accept paypal. I'd prefer W/U, but I'm open for offers. Bin: $225
  10. will do. i will seperate if the c/o is right. keep the offers coming folks, i will sell gears seperate. If you come up with reasonable bins on the vis/ogres, shoot me a pm or something.
  11. Last I saw, TruGame (or something like that) had it with a bin of $450 - fees
  12. I definitely can't go all in on both chars. If you consider splitting it up again, consider my offer of $275 @ ias ogre gauntlets + barb vis.
  13. Melee Iso!

    @Derek: I searched 5 or 6 of your threads and couldn't find anything that's i'm iso. Link me if you don't mind @hep: needs to be eth and a different sword type, thanks tho
  14. Melee Iso!

    Armors: Eth Up'd Tooth 2,500+def (would prefer 2,540+ tho) Eth Up'd Black Hades (2,450+def) Eth Up'd Crow (2,025+def) 3645 Prudence SA Eth/rep 2 soc 2,200+ def rare armor Gloves: NEEDS 20ias + decent defense + decent dual stats I'd prefer 150+def/15str/15dex ias gloves but am open for others. If it's lower defense than 150, it needs 15/15. If it's higher, I may consider imperfect str/dex. Weapons: Looking for nice Eth fools swords or high ed non-fools swords. Would prefer legend, highland, champion, but open for others. Only looking for 2-handed swords as this is going on a barb. POST YOUR PRICES
  15. ISO:Full Conc barb

    pretty much all set now, just looking for any 1 of a kind items now.