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  1. Like gm zealot? eth Small Crescent Axe 246ed fools 40ias 124ar adds 1-5 fire damage Zod'd 197-357 damage eth Black Hades 2331 def Cham Zod 7fhr/59ar/4replife/-15% req Jeweled 200%ed eth rep Giant Conch "Shadow Veil" 729def 1os 10fhr Viso 30ed/52ar/33def/-15% req Jeweled 200%ed +10life +18%coldres 37ed/15ias 489def Storm Shield Angelics ring and Ammy 60%ed/20str Steelrends 237def 213def Up'd Gore Riders 157def 40vitality 15 dr Verdungo Cord 3/6bo/4 CTA Warscepter +3 Holyshield +1 meditation and converstion Spirit Crown shield 35fcr 45resists 20/17 P Torch 19/19/9 Anni 4x 3/20/20 -1 Football 3 Paws small charms 2x 3/18/20 small charms 3/13/15, 3/16/13, 3/17/13 , 3/20/13 Small Charms I can switch those for stronger ones if need like 3/15/15 or something. I have more characters if you want to see let me know. Thanks have a Happy St. Pattys Day
  2. Bring melee gear

    p upd gores 60/20 rends 6bo hs cta p eth flail cta 6/6/4 need?
  3. I have druid i can set you up with 2/3 red wolf hat or a hammerdin mfdin? I have svss fire and light sorc or cold sorc too, lmk thanks
  4. 727 Iso.

    I got enigma fs, dusk 1196def pm me an offer if you still need
  5. I've some nice claws for assassin, need trap ? 28 fathom, 20/5 nw, some cold I could sell ya too.
  6. ISO: Full Chars

    I think I got what you need. message me back im online most nights
  7. 257% ed level 15 Defiance Eth Glitch'd Vortex Exile with +44 resists If your looking for other items to go with the shield, I can suit them how you like. Let me know. I accept most offers.
  8. Sure can sell ya pretty much some of everything, what ya lookin for? pm
  9. 35/5 Fathom 30/28 20/5 Nightwing 14dex P 35fcr Spirit Monarch 107mana 15/15/15blizzard Ormus 6bocta and spirit p maras 2x soj 40/40/39/38/38/fhr/fhr/29/18 life gcs skillers 17/20 Sorc Torch anni 8x mana / life sc's 1x 70/15bmana sc
  10. 35life java 37life martial 22life summon necro 2x plain trap 18/12 Sorc Torch
  11. How did you find Dtrades?

    It was a long time ago, i was in the middle of my college studys I began needing a place to accumulate wealth, I found dtrades as my answer, glad your back.
  12. Magical 3cold 20fcr Tiara ne offers?
  13. Some FT here

    141 def Shako Unid Perfect Nosferatu Belt 2x 100 psn sc 2x 10% golf find sc 194ed Gore Riders Crafted Glove 20ias knock back 5str 6 dex attack takes 4 damage
  14. Happy Ten Juna Day!

    Glad we are back, dtrade rules
  15. Zealer 412 ebotd z pul'd Eth Cara 2734def P eth vortex exile 1818def ED/AR 398def 2soc COA 31dr berber Highlords 1x 5% BK ring 1x 240/20 Ravenfrost 1x MetalGrid ammy Eth Treks 60%ed/18str StreelRends 6bo +3HS CTA Spirit 18/17 torch paladin anni SC's 2-3 x Pcombats 10-17 life 10Max/AR/Dex GC 130+AR/?? GC Cold Sorc 33/-5 Fathom 33/30 20/-5 Blizzard Ormus 10/-10 +3 Cold Sorc +20 FCR Magical Circ 35% FCR Spirit Monarch ?? Spirit Monarch 6bo CTA 30 Maras 2x Soj 9x Cold GC 1x - +4dex 8x (10-22lifers) Sorc Torch + Anni 4x 17/5res SC 1x 17/3res SC 5res SC 5res/ +2 Dex SC Anyone want to buy my 2 Characters?
  16. We need some people. I have the work, who is in?
  17. Iso Any Godly Melee Gear

    399def 2soc coa 20res/12dr 247/19dex raven frost high lords ammy
  18. Iso: Full Characters!!

    Fire Sorc 139 shako p fire eschuta 30%fcr spirit shield 3bo cta flail with bo spirit war travs 31% mage fist gloves 1x soj 1x 10fcr 17str minor res tals ammy or +2 sorc ammy anni 15/12/7 non sorc torch 4x fire gc (3x plain - 1x +4 str) minor scs gheeds with 2x mf large charms
  19. Shako Occy Skulders Plate 33% FCR Monarch Spirit 2x Soj Rare Ammy +2 Sorc Mana and Res 43% War Travs Boots Mage Fist Gloves Ondals Staff Arachnids sash 32life fire skill gc 7% mf sc 2x 6% mf sc 34% Gheeds Grand Charm +10% fire Res sc
  20. Great Sorceress 4 Sale

    The sale is different now, completely different items. If you would like to see the new sale, message me and I will setup a game so you can see. Thanks Postabout Much Love
  21. anyone need this gc?