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  1. ww/trapper hybrid I have light gcs with 30-34+life, p griffs gg fcr rings with stats life res, 2/20 ammy, let me know i could show ya ,not asking a lot for gg gear
  2. I've a zealot paladin setup ww barb or conc barb sword or axe barbarian and ww sin I have gg items , and charms 14max, or 10/ar/life gcs 3/xx/xx sc's and good annis / torches too. Let me know what you want to see, and perhaps I could show you, thanks.
  3. Like gm zealot? eth Small Crescent Axe 246ed fools 40ias 124ar adds 1-5 fire damage Zod'd 197-357 damage eth Black Hades 2331 def Cham Zod 7fhr/59ar/4replife/-15% req Jeweled 200%ed eth rep Giant Conch "Shadow Veil" 729def 1os 10fhr Viso 30ed/52ar/33def/-15% req Jeweled 200%ed +10life +18%coldres 37ed/15ias 489def Storm Shield Angelics ring and Ammy 60%ed/20str Steelrends 237def 213def Up'd Gore Riders 157def 40vitality 15 dr Verdungo Cord 3/6bo/4 CTA Warscepter +3 Holyshield +1 meditati
  4. p upd gores 60/20 rends 6bo hs cta p eth flail cta 6/6/4 need?
  5. I have druid i can set you up with 2/3 red wolf hat or a hammerdin mfdin? I have svss fire and light sorc or cold sorc too, lmk thanks
  6. I got enigma fs, dusk 1196def pm me an offer if you still need
  7. I've some nice claws for assassin, need trap ? 28 fathom, 20/5 nw, some cold I could sell ya too.
  8. I think I got what you need. message me back im online most nights
  9. 257% ed level 15 Defiance Eth Glitch'd Vortex Exile with +44 resists If your looking for other items to go with the shield, I can suit them how you like. Let me know. I accept most offers.
  10. Sure can sell ya pretty much some of everything, what ya lookin for? pm
  11. 35/5 Fathom 30/28 20/5 Nightwing 14dex P 35fcr Spirit Monarch 107mana 15/15/15blizzard Ormus 6bocta and spirit p maras 2x soj 40/40/39/38/38/fhr/fhr/29/18 life gcs skillers 17/20 Sorc Torch anni 8x mana / life sc's 1x 70/15bmana sc
  12. It was a long time ago, i was in the middle of my college studys I began needing a place to accumulate wealth, I found dtrades as my answer, glad your back.
  13. Magical 3cold 20fcr Tiara ne offers?
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