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  1. I do not play conquerors anymore but hey if you pick up diablo 3 (which I am sure you will) we can play then!
  2. Yes, Aoe2, is defiantly an all time favorite. However, AoeO tries to put in a little mmo-rpg style which is very fun in my opinion. The game is suffering from a lack of fan/player base but the recent patches that brought on many changes to the original version has allowed players to slowly ease back in the game! Maybe, you should give it another try Madd-hatter, the development team has made some dramatic changes since you've played.
  3. Does anybody here play this game? Age of empires online? http://ageofempiresonline.com/ I was just wondering. P.S. I'm filthy rich in that game (gear/game gold). So, if you need gear/game gold, let me know, I will be happy to do a couple trade for dtrades forum gold (if that is, its worth anything...).
  4. I made 12k, when diablo 2 was in it hayday, mostly on ebay (when listings were not frowned upon and deleted). I was in the 9th-10th grade at the time! Thats GG isnt it?
  5. 40$ anybody to vouch you on your stuff?
  6. Now, that diablo 3 is coming out, lets talk about diablo 4 release somewhere in the year 2020? So what characters do you think will be on there? hopefully no monthly fee...
  7. I have 40$ usd and i want a full gg char...no crap please
  8. I dont know if this will help at all but a couple years ago I owned 2 permed btals and sold 1 here to Xip or someone with that kind of name here so, if you look that person up he still might have it and is willing to sell it! and you can ask around I sold thousands of dollars about ($5K+) in permed goods here, no complaints.
  9. I have turok 2 seeds of evil...i also found its box and a poster that comes with it...idk about manual though... pm me...
  10. it moving was just the laser's motor though, did the laser itself shine at all? if not then that's about a $15 repair cost if it is just not spinning then I think it may be fixable without having to buy any parts at all. lmk about that laser specificly, what is wrong with it? nothing...it just doenst come with the cables....it works fine.
  11. c/o 260...weak offer though... I will add games: Prey Perfect dark zero Ninja gaiden black Fear arcade unplugged these newly added games plus all that i previously listed for $430 (includes shipping)
  12. I have one, it doesnt work because it doesnt have cables...(maybe i have them I dont know)..how much will u give me w/o cables and how much will u give w/cables?
  13. I have a 2 gb sandisk pro duo card (used for my psp) comes with adapter...pm me
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