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  1. Justinscrib269

  2. Ok, do we have just 1 guide some where that has ALL Break Points FOR ALL Chars on 1 guide? and IF not can someone make 1 up? It would be a great help. Thx
  3. FG Announcement

    Still workin hard on the site! I think its a good idea. I also agree with the rest that being able to sell it back sets you apart from JSP. Witch means you are not being a copy cat in any manor. Nice idea bro.
  4. Zealot Gear FS

    I vouch everything he has.
  5. Huge FT List. Godly/Gloves/Ammys/Rings/Gc's

    add. Thx Plague fists are gone now aswell.
  6. Huge FT List. Godly/Gloves/Ammys/Rings/Gc's

    All sold: 7xSummons 5xPcombs 5xPnb's 3xTraps 1xFire 1xcold Thx
  7. Huge FT List. Godly/Gloves/Ammys/Rings/Gc's

    Id do 20 fg for the 16. lol Offer didnt mean fg but I would do this trade
  8. Huge FT List. Godly/Gloves/Ammys/Rings/Gc's

    Nope 5xPcombs are all gone 5xPlain/mod PnBs Are gone also 7xsummon Gc's gone
  9. Huge FT List. Godly/Gloves/Ammys/Rings/Gc's

    K, Will do when ur back on. Bizatch- No thx lmao I wont take fg for that bad boy Skidler-Soldem for the 3/20/20's
  10. ISO: Nef and Ral runes (LMAO)

    Ty monox and whare did ya go Spart?? I pm'ed ya a million times lol
  11. Ok guys and Gals here the deal. I have collected these items on my forgotten mules over the years lol. If its for FG I will most likely post it.. Plz dont offer FG on godly items. All items are PERM/LEGIT. I will not give item first in a FG trade. Bid away GC'S:] PnB: 5xPlain (3fg Each) PnB:29,26,16,8 Life (Offer) B Mast: 5x Plain/Mods (2fg each) B Mast: 30Life,12%fhr (Offer) D Summon: 7 (1fg each) Or 5 FG for 7 Def: 1xPlain (2fg) Def:12%fhr (Offer) Off: 4xPlain (2fg each) Off: 27 life (Offer) B Comb: 3xPlain/Mods (3fg each) Martial arts: 2xPlain (1fg) WC: 1xPlain (1fg) Cold: (2fg) Bow: 2xPlain (1fg each) Traps: 3xPlains/Mods (2fg each) Fire: 1xPlain (1fg) Pcomb: 5x Plain/Mods (10fg Each) Shadow: 4xPlain/Mods (2fg each) Passive: 2xPlain (1fg each) Gheeds[111/35/13: (25 FG) Random Shako's:x6 (10fg each) Random Stat non eth treks:x6 (1fg each) Random Stat Drac's:x2 (4fg each) Tgods x6: (1fg each) 100+def arach x1 (50fg) 100% Legit soj x1 (100fg) 2x random ravens (10x fg per 2) Offer away. Thx anything that has a fg bin you can also offer on lol

    "PERM" C Grip and 20/30 raven here. Pm offer
  13. ISO:FCR ring dex/str/life/mana/fire res

    Bin? I am asking for legio
  14. Ill do 1 per 10 rofl. If ya have less then ten Ill do 2 P gems per or 2 random facets PER Thx