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  1. Car Picture Thread

    Oh trust me when I say this thing is in good hands. Had 131000km on it when I got it, 140k now. I`ve since done a timingbelt&water pump change and full tune up before I put it away for the winter. Garage kept by an old man, only owner bought it brand new in 2001. Never seen snow or salt, words can`t express how perfect this car is. Paid a good amount for it, but its totally worth it. I got plans to make it a huge NA monster. The civic is now the winter beater, I swapped out the d16 for a b18 over the summer. Made that car so much more enjoyable
  2. Happy new years dtrades!

    Happy new year folks! I sure hope so, my buddy has a beta for it and won't lemme play >
  3. Car Picture Thread

    My new baby I picked up a couple months ago. 2001 Prelude SE, love it to death. Still have my ratty little civic.
  4. The Sh** just got real

    I love you. Run away with me to nevar nevar land!
  5. Working On Cars Thread

    This is why I love Hondas; Lots of room in the bay to do work, 4 main bolt sizes and everything is dirt cheap! BTW that setup is obnoxious. Just like how I always remembered you You're gunna end up deaf like me one day with that shit.
  6. Winning

    I may play it, but honestly I have better things to do.
  7. Jer and I are related through marriage

    Six degrees of separation yo!
  8. Jer and I are related through marriage

    Mind=blown Nothing but true Kush up in hurr! No chance in hell it would make it across the border unnoticed though. Silly US drug laws! Ya know, I am going road tripping down I-75 this summer to visit some family down south. Fishing adventures with lugzor? Mind is still blown lol
  9. Trusty Trader Shield

    You already stole my virginity, why wouldn't joo.
  10. ISO: Old friends

  11. Ladder Reset - 3/28/11

    I'm high on Charlie Sheen. Gimme hook ups yo!
  12. Free stuffz hurr

    Ooooh UMAD.
  13. Hey everybody

    The welcome center off I-95 in N. Tenessee work for ya? I'll bring the lube.