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  1. Dupe not knowing that Dodge is made by Chyrsler doesnt change the fact than Detroit shits out steaming piles of crap and has been since the mid 70's. It's a shame UAW is more worried about benefits for their chain smoking obese retirees than high quality workmanship.
  2. @ Cain

    I'm not a fan of Blue Moon, it's not bad, but I personally don't order it often. Sam Adams however, is good. +1 to your e-Rep Ill give it +2 to e-rep, but instead of sam adams octoberfest try becks octoberfest Has a better/stronger taste IMO Grolsch FTW. Any beer that comes by the pint and has a pop top has my vote. I give -2 e rep for mixing a white beer with an amber. Kudos on the site though!
  3. New iPods!

    multitouch, elegant hardware, amazing UI, partnership with a monster wireless provider, the ability to ID songs, safari. Oh and huge display. So archos has wifi...you'd have to be a moron to not do that at this point.
  4. New iPods!

    lol...what isnt different about the nano and the touch.
  5. 3 word story.

    So he made a picture that really good but took 6 hours, which was OK since everyone in this thread cant type three words without referring to dicks.
  6. My BvC build

    you dont hit harder...you just miss less (only on high def chars). FCR rings are fine vs. low defense casters (i.e. pretty much everything). dracs>trangs any day of the week.
  7. @ "Staff"

    Yes, but does your warn log include tubjuna and smocked yelling at agent fags (and end up getting into the hall of rape). Mos or Dustin probably have the longest, but I would say mine is by far the funniest.
  8. lol @ dialup, how is that even still possible. and its not actually called the iphone song.
  9. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...endID=123197377
  10. dont bother with fort...esp not with COA...that is a huge waste of pts.
  11. best day ever

    ah, to be young and able to get off on dry humping...funny though, all i remember from that sort shit was blue balls. Anyway, congrats on making out with a slutty/beastly hockey player. May you be the last man she ever hooks up with. Also, nice job on getting emotionally attached to a sluttly/beastly hockey player who considered you a Friend with Benefits. The fact that shes been ignoring you is a pretty good sign that you've officially gone past the "friend" role...and she doesn't like it.
  12. I think you can get away with almost nothing in Strength (depends on your set-up when using COA). You absolutely want to be able to use a widow on a BVC...they force casters to go offensive. More importantly, it helps approximate where dsynced hdins are. Theres two different routes to take here. Ling would tell you to hel it, but you can also use a 40-15 (only do this if it helps you reach a BP with highlords on). Honestly, the additional str and dex you need to wear COA (when appropriate) and Widow (when appropriate) is marginal. Flexibility is far more effective than the bragging right of saying "I have 7.5k life" instead of 7k (this is what my BVC had).
  13. http://www.dtrades.org/index.php?showtopic=210212 --> why grief is better than BOTD if you need more explanation for why you should use beast look through every other thread that addresses it.