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  1. I know I don't have a lot of FG, but it's all I have... Just started from scratch. Looking for an enigma for my hammerdin, any stats will do! Thanks Either pm here or send me an IG message, /w *Joufflu
  2. buncha random stuff ft

    How much would take that mara or that BK?
  3. Items for FG

    Alright make a game! We'll discuss there
  4. Items for FG

    Ask for something I haven't been here for a while.
  5. Car Picture Thread

    My cars ( I know, addicted to Neon's... ) My 97 DOHC MTX Neon Daily Driver : My 1995 DOHC MTX Drag car, and that's a factory color paint by the way. All Motor Build, heading for 220 WHP this summer. This is my Turbo drag car, don't really like turbo cars tho. 50 Trim Garret Turbo, Forged bottom end 8.8:1 compression, built head, ran 12.9 on 1/4th mile last summer. And finally, the Turbo Daily Driver... 2005 American SRT-4. Stage WTF?
  6. Items for FG

    No idea what items are worth.. How much for that hoz?
  7. Wow! Just started D2 from scratch once again.... I know I'm addicted! I made an hammerdin would like to get some gear : Lidless, HoZ, enigma, waterwalks, dungo, mara's ... Dex sc's... I know it's a lot but if you feel like helping
  8. My 2nd and 3rd Car!!

    Well.I guess my Audi A4 wasn't enough...I had to get something else aha,since the gas price is high,why not buy a 2L car? That's what I did.. I bought...well..THIS: 96 Neon...Yea I know..A Neon...But,well,had it for a while now,and it seems to be a good car,even if people say it's sh*t. I've painted it myself,it was purple,but the paint job is not complete yet,this is only the base coat,still need another shoot + Clear and it's gonna be awesome! I also bought some projectors and euro tail light! And after like 5-6 months of Neon driving,I told myself,why not buy a 2nd gen!That's what I did! I know I know! I have to paint those fenders,it looks stupid aha. A lot of people don't like neon,but I like both of them,1st and 2nd gen,the 1st gen is best for performance tho,and the 2nd gen is way more confortable,and better looking. Comments are welcome!
  9. My 2nd and 3rd Car!!

    I'm addict to Dodge Neons I guess. I wanted to try something new,a 1/4 mile race project... The goal of the project was: Achieve the same time as an stock Srt-4 TURBO car... With my 2,0 Engine, while staying N/A ( Not Turbo ) So I bought this little baby: For those who know cars a bit,this is a 95 Dodge Neon with manual tranny,and with a simple cam engine (132 HP) It comes out stock with a time of about 17 seconds on 1/4. A stock SRT-4 is like 14.3 to 14 about depends on driver. Here's the list of modifications I bought and installed so far: Long Tube Headers Kirk Racing Ceramic Coated PCM Mopar Straight pipe 2 1/2" Short Shift MSD Ignition system Cold Air Intake 60 MM Throttle body ( 49MM is stock,was a pain in the #$^ for the car to handle it) Port and Polish Head Crane Cam 014 Custom Intake Box Style Everything from supports to bushings in Eurethane so nothing falls on ground xD AEM Cam Gear Custom motor ground system And the results: 14.2 On road gas,and with 15" tires. I could do like 13.xx with slicks,but don't have them yet. There's a lot more to come to this car... I'll let the body as it is right now,it looks stock,sleeper for the win! Hope you guys like it :-)
  10. I'm back?

    Well...After a couple of months ( I think ) I'm back on PA!!! School + Work + Cars took a lot of my time,d one a lot of job on both of my neons, and that's about it... I'm back but I'll be way less active I used to be, since I'm going back to school and work in less than a week. Oh and By the way...CAN'T WAIT FOR DIABLO 3 OMFG. Hey back to everyone I know,and HIYA! to new members !
  11. Happy 4th Birthday DTrades/PostAbout!

    I work this week end. God hates me I think.
  12. My 2nd and 3rd Car!!

    Oh the pic of the Silver one wasn't taken at my home,so don't ignore the enormous pile of trash. XD When I first went there to see the Neon,I had the same reaction: OMFG WTF IS THIS..TON OF SH*TZ? Anyway! Thanks for the comment
  13. Soul Calibur IV

    I bought it and already sold it. Sucks as hell..I hate those kind of fight games! I miss the best fighting game ever : KILLER INSTINCT GOLD. BRB playing N64.
  14. Yay Got my new Car..

    Well finally got a nice car,was tired of this old 91 Dodge Caravan..Aha So here's my babe: I love it. I'll post pic of the new rims I bought yesterday. 17' BSA rims with lowprofiles..Looks cool.
  15. I rule. 195 pounds? Keep dreamin. Rofl

    I'll try to be there this week-end,even if I don't play d2 anymore,haven't been here for a while XD
  17. Where to rent exotic cars?

    Well I was wondering where I could rent exotic cars in montreal,or near. I don't want something like a convertible mustang... I want to rent either a ferrari or a muscle car. Lamborghini would do too...Well you see my point. Any link would be really appreciated,I'd prefer small term rental,since it's only for a week or even less. Thanks
  18. Apparently, Audi makes the best engines

    Yea I drive an Audi! Hurray!
  19. Call of Duty 4

    Yea I got it on xbox 360,and it just rocks. Both single and multiplayer are amazing.
  20. F/s: Xbox 360

    I'll go 260 I guess.
  21. Offer away,I prefer paypal but I can take money order. Thanks. The hoz is not socketed,clean,and not up'd.
  22. 3,000,000 Post Contest!

    May 1st at like 3:00 PM
  23. I use Cucusoft DVD to iPod Converter
  24. Where to rent exotic cars?

    Yea probably. But anyway they ask for 7000$ when you rent the car to have something if I crash the car and they just give it back to me when I'm done with the car