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    have any bulk deals? for about 72 unid anni's, if so let me know
  2. useast ladder druid pelts here

    there all mixed, but i can get the blues and reds and i have like 3-4x whites and 3-4x greens sorry =/ the majority are red/blue/gold, but ill add in all the greens/whites i have.
  3. useast ladder druid pelts here

    i can do that, tomorrow when i go home and get a cd ill pm you. if you ever need any more dont hesitate to ask
  4. selling over 110x unid druid pelts, all are colored, none are regular, they are gold/green/red/blue/white/green/ any other colors im forgetting. i dont have a disk with me right now or i would ss them all but i am getting more and more every day, make an offer per pelt or on the whole thing. paypal only please.
  5. Whos Got Game?

    clearly bone thugs n harmony, give me my prize.
  6. anyone go yesterday?

    what do you mean? i think its clear.. im asking if anyone went to the concert and if it was any good...
  7. Compiled List of Music Sites

    projectplaylist.com and yahoo music of course.
  8. anyone go yesterday?

    did anyone go to the concert at peabodys yesterday? (nov 24, presented PKS and Terra Devastata). if anyone did let me know how it was. i had 5 tickets to go because my cousin is the lead singer in Terra Devastata so on thanksgiving he handed me 5 tickets so i could go. but i ended up not going because my dads car had problems. just wondering if it was any good and if their band did good.
  9. need some websites

    already been to both, they both suck if you ask me =/
  10. Xbox Live Acnt Names

    acc = gat0rad3, i play halo3 only.
  11. need some websites

    what are some websites that sell used cars that are decent priced? only one i know of is craigslist.com and ebay sucks.
  12. i lol'd had as hell when i read that
  13. why did hitler kill himself? he got the gas bill how do hellen kellers parents punish her? put the plunger in the toilet how do hellen kellers friends play with her? rearrange the furniture
  14. Selling some runescape stuff.

    i have 2.6mill runescape gold and about 165 ranarr seeds and over 40 ranarr weeds. i will sell for offers. ranarr seeds = 25k gold each.. so do the math if you really want to know.. and weeds are 7k each. post offers. thanks
  15. just made 3 new accs but i still have my old they are all as followed: gat0rade 0 is zero a white nagger a white n4gger a white nagg3r ill be on any of those so just send a request.