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  1. Bape.

  2. Mactastica Skin Redux

    came back today tor revisit the site and nostalgia hit me harder than a kick to the nuts.
  3. Free Diablo III

    Hey, what's up? So, where's the spam thread around here? its on another site cain had that was linked to dtrades... everyone who was on that site had like 10k+ posts >.> eagle's nest forum i believe? just going to post out how nostalgic i got after opening this thread. sooo many old members coming back
  4. Music thread

  5. RIP Steve Jobs

    ^ casey anthony hit the news up north here in canada too. Along with other bullshit like amanda knox and troy davis
  6. holy shit this thing is so sexy. great job cain
  7. The Sh** just got real

    Don't ever leave... i died.
  8. Music thread

    happy 20th anniversary to one of the best hiphop cds of all time. also to two other amazing cds.
  9. Music thread

    RIP. such a solid band.
  10. We're Upgrading! Downtime Imminent

    What were you expecting? Engraved is pretty good, but I see no rush in picking a skin. I think the default will serve us fine for awhile - I'm excited for the upgrade...screw the skin this ^ second this. although engraved looks pretty sweet and clean.
  11. Music thread

    no ryan i'll check em out. just saw these guys last night. such a great show
  12. Winning

    ^vouch if you're still on this site now. who are you kidding that you won't play D3 when it comes out. depending on time of the year though I doubt i'll be able to play it till summer hits.
  13. Music thread

  14. Music thread

    seeing these fuckers tonight. so pumped