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  1. Nostalgia time!

    Damn, nice to see this place back up and running. What's your nice/best memory from here? I remember when @tenjuna made one of those crazy d2 events, selling SOJs and i got a perfect Anni! Simple times, that I feel happy thinking about it. Thanks for that Cain.
  2. How did you find Dtrades?

    Damn, this bring back some memories! Found dtrades via a friend, name @Nemesis, I don't think he still here.
  3. Guess who`s back =D

    what`s uuuuuppp??? i only came back for a reason: so, how`s everyone doing? still addicted on d2? d3 is coming huh? naice!

    cool, he plays war3.... he went from a 10 year old game to... another?
  5. Harrow.

    no soup for you
  6. Guess who`s back =D

  7. Guess who`s back =D

  8. Guess who`s back =D

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  9. What's up Nerdies?

    Don't know if anyone remember me, but i'm the fat pain in the ass brazilian dude who use to troll around this forums! Life started, job, college all that stuff but, WHAT DA FACK?! DIABLO 3? BRB
  10. What's up Nerdies?

    i actually didn't heard about d3, i just wanted to see how postabout was doing and then BAM! i saw the announcement!

    Count me in, i'm active mostly 8 hours a day near a internet when i have college. First Brazilian mod ftw!
  12. 10,000 POST THREAD

    ^___meow meow meow meow____^
  13. Modded iPhone

    My friend have a 1.1 iPhone, and it's modded, so he can use different operators on his cell phone. But he wants to install apple softwares at his iPhone, if he does it, will he be in any danger to lose his iPhone because he needs to uptade the version to 1.2?! bai
  14. Why so slow?

    This is General Chat, therefore anything goes. So yes, i could of posted in other, but i decided to post here. Thx for your 2cents though. Not needed to respond unless you had answer. well you possible still be wrong, do you mean why is trading so slow? or why is page transfer time so slow, because page transfer time is extremely fast for me, trading doesn't seem slow though, well not for me, and possible the reason is because, most ppl complain its to slow so they just go to jsp and dont try to fasten it up stop fucking posting. youre such an idiot jesus. and im on dial up at the moment and sites loading fine...so it must be on youre side aryan i <3 how your post made no sense, are you mad that i answered his question or that you're to poor to afford high speed? lmk. Ok, to let you know : You must have no ability to comprehend what you read because i cant even begin to explain to myself how that didnt make sense to you. And im at home right now for break so yes i have dial up- and money issues? Quite the opposite. I live off of a dead end road, So maybe if you would like to call time warner cable for me and try to make them run cable to us to get high speed ill get it asap. Deal? lmk. In the meantime continue learning how to type, i see you have improved. You even used a ' and actually spelled out ur. Quite impressive Well, it appeared you were mad for me asking/answering questions. Also, i bet i live farther in the country than you do, and i even got high speed, the commercials that say no where is inaccessible are right, no where is. sorry for that own. Yes, I learned how to type because of your rambling on about how my typing was so bad . Whoops youre right. I lied. I dont live on a dead end road with 1 house short for time warner to deem it a good investment to run it down your road. sorrrrrrrrrry. PS: Good own i really like what you did with that own, it was very good. good.... So, do you just argue over the internet or you already have a love case with rkdman?! You two sounds like a boyfriend and a boyfriend who just have argued over who stays on the top or the bottom?!
  15. Joz. 1 word and is probally have the most flame stuff you can ever imagine.
  16. Firing

    sorry augusto, but if you know what your doing, ak is the best gun to spray with, it just take LOT of pratice, but anywho the best thing to learn is to try and just not spray at all unless they are like a foot in front of you, learning to just burst every gun is good actually to spray i prefer the colt, aka m4. the ak have a heavy kick back, makes harder to learn how to spray, he is a begginer, so it will take longer to learn and have good results. a good weapon is the new Terrorist rifle, i don't know the name, but it sprays pretty good.
  17. Firing

    don't get all hiper about shooting, calm down and your aim will be 10x better. with awp, you do the "awp -> aim -> shoot -> "Q" -> "Q" -> awp " routine? it makes the reload faster. ak is really bad to spray with, try not to.
  18. wow.

    kids need to learn how to read sigs this days. =]
  19. Violent Video Games

    Hey, how can you blame video games?! Check this out, today, you go to a club, it's dark, you dance around the walls and shit, take a pill to dance/walk/be faster and crazier always listenning to repetitive songs. You know what happened 20 years ago?! They invented packman. Any thing comes to your mind?!
  20. The Greatest Debate Ever: ON top or bottom?

    i really, REALLY, REALLY thought that you were talking about sex. I hate you. Well, it really depends on the position that you sit and the position of the paper. At my house it can't be any differente then coming out of the bottom, otherwise i might kill someone.
  21. turning on the lights on your redneck trailer isn't "Christimas Decorating"!
  22. my best mf'd item

    what about axes?! nice game going on the mace.