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  1. Nostalgia time!

    Damn, nice to see this place back up and running. What's your nice/best memory from here? I remember when @tenjuna made one of those crazy d2 events, selling SOJs and i got a perfect Anni! Simple times, that I feel happy thinking about it. Thanks for that Cain.
  2. How did you find Dtrades?

    Damn, this bring back some memories! Found dtrades via a friend, name @Nemesis, I don't think he still here.

    cool, he plays war3.... he went from a 10 year old game to... another?
  4. Harrow.

    no soup for you
  5. Guess who`s back =D

  6. Guess who`s back =D

  7. Guess who`s back =D

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  8. Guess who`s back =D

    what`s uuuuuppp??? i only came back for a reason: so, how`s everyone doing? still addicted on d2? d3 is coming huh? naice!
  9. What's up Nerdies?

    i actually didn't heard about d3, i just wanted to see how postabout was doing and then BAM! i saw the announcement!
  10. What's up Nerdies?

    Don't know if anyone remember me, but i'm the fat pain in the ass brazilian dude who use to troll around this forums! Life started, job, college all that stuff but, WHAT DA FACK?! DIABLO 3? BRB

    Count me in, i'm active mostly 8 hours a day near a internet when i have college. First Brazilian mod ftw!
  12. 10,000 POST THREAD

    ^___meow meow meow meow____^
  13. Modded iPhone

    My friend have a 1.1 iPhone, and it's modded, so he can use different operators on his cell phone. But he wants to install apple softwares at his iPhone, if he does it, will he be in any danger to lose his iPhone because he needs to uptade the version to 1.2?! bai