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  1. gmesncomps

  2. Hey guys. I am a long time player who suddenly gained an urge to hop back on this great game (diablo 2/diablo 2 LoD). I was trying to find my d2 install cds but to no avail. I am wondering if someone here can lead me to a website where I can download it. thanks!
  3. Anyone here play magic (card game)?

    hmm I'll check out essential magic thanks.
  4. Anyone here play magic (card game)?

    yep those fees really get ridiculous I did find this one site called mtg salvation and I am trying to do some trades there but if anyone else has other good sites please let me know, thanks
  5. Hey guys it has been awhile since I posted on this forum. anyway do any of you guys play magic the gathering? I am looking for some reputable sites where I can trade/sell cards. thanks for the info I hope all you guys are doing well!
  6. Selling magic cards

    Hey guys! long time no post anyway I am trying to sell my magic cards but I don't want to sell them on ebay (too much hassle and fees) so I was wondering if anyone here was interested. If not do any of you guys know good forums where I can trade these cards? thanks I'll make a full list later but if you guys are looking for some super rares I probably won't have it. I was never crazy into magic but I still may have something you are looking for. I think my most valuable card is Tolarian Academy which is in good condition. anyway I will make a full list if you guys are interested
  7. lala lalala lala lalala lala lala lala lala la
  8. Any games we should add?

    team fortress 2 great fps
  9. 3,000,000 Post Contest!

    july 1st midnight
  10. The new big cheese

    just pmed tenjuna complaining about you being the new cheese

    Is this still open? I want in although I'm newb nowadays
  12. How much HD did you actualy use.

    the 36 gig raptors are crap anyway i got a 20 gig hdd and a 320 gig hdd usually only have 10-20 gigs free