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  1. Need Build Experts

    i can do ANYTHING

    I'd say you have gear for all of them lol But for the gear u usually wear i'd say its bvb
  3. Pub Trade Thread

    1 pcombat 4 9x plain trap gcs + 1x fhr trap gc was pretty sexy for me
  4. More Life vs More Damage

    All Depends on what char, but i'd split it personally.
  5. 200% fcr fb sorc id say just depends what gear you got
  6. I'd Use Spirit just because of the fcr and 55%fhr. and what are your resists? If they are maxed E treks is fine but if they arent go with gspurs. Also get some revives.
  7. BVC or es/blizz?

    BvC better in team just because you can sit back and leap ppl while ur team kills em
  8. best merc gear

    Ebotd Cv or something like that and a fort and a coa
  9. BvC Barb for the casters and a lot of hammerdins bm melee duels now lately.
  10. Yea, the 6 points really isnt worth it.