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  1. Paid mods list

    Get working!
  2. WTF MATE?

    Gold member?!?! Seriously Cain! Lol Hi everyone! Anyone who may be interested in playing some fun D2 again, here is a private server I have played the past couple ladders: https://www.reddit.com/r/slashdiablo/ Great community of mature gamers and none of the bnet bullshit. Anyyywayyyy whats up kids?
  3. Enzo

  4. Diablo III Release Date: May 15

    Wooh. Just got an email from the amazon pre order.
  5. Bitches...

    See if that happened when I was in college I would have probably shown up for class simply because of that...who am I kidding I still wouldn't have gone.
  6. Car Picture Thread

    I like your style.
  7. Bitches...

    You mad because you can't drink with them bitches?
  8. Mactastica Skin Redux

    Consider it paid for.
  9. Car Picture Thread

    Got rid of the lexus couple months ago and picked up this new girl. And a random side shot:
  10. TT is now live!

    Looks good.
  11. You are probably right. D3 has been nothing but pushbacks and delays forever. I pre ordered it but who knows if it will actually come on the pre order date.
  12. I'm a man now, I swear! <3