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  1. iso: kiras

    68 kiras here http://www.dtrades.org/index.php?showtopic=394351
  2. Yoshi's Forum Gold Shop

    how much for the 08 gaze 40/15d?
  3. My ISO list version 3.0 - updated

    hey if you need a 60/60/24fhr let me know sorry for spam otherwise
  4. Ft/iso

    (1 60/60 is gone) 9x cold gcs(some w/ minor mods) 3 cold skill/ 57 life ammulet Insight(Colossus Voulge) 6xpnb gcs(few minor mods) HoZ Bramble(archon) Fort(dusk) 15/20 necro torch homonculus deaths web wand 1x Pheonix Monarch 3 passive gcs 5/2/4 cta crystal 2/3/4 cta crystal 29% spirit(vortex) 68 res kiras 6 shape shift gcs 1012 def exile(vortex) wire fleece enigma 40/15'd jalals 358 dmg/31 ias greife phase 10/17 sorc torch Iso: 2 More Light Lifers(35+) The Name "Profit" back 40/15'd 08 gaze perm'd gale grasps zon torch 120/45, mods optional(tiara plz!!) I WILL NOT OFFER ONLY WANT PERM/LEGIT ITEMs EVERYTHING ON MY LIST IS PERM/LEGIT
  5. Ft/iso

    sure pm game
  6. Ft/iso

    no i dont accept fg i normally use jsp but no1 wants to trade on jsp nemore and the posts go off the front page so damn fast so i resorted for dtrades
  7. Ft/iso


    200 $ for sin and merc disclude the perm 70.15s though.
  9. Smite vs Smite Rules

    Yea ill participate...Smite Name----Weezy
  10. Smite vs smite?

    Id say charge is allowed and exile is aloud no more then taht..5%