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  1. T.I.T.A.N

  2. Trying out WoW for 10 days to see if I like it, but I was wondering if a Melee site existed or some type of PvP site?
  3. Diablo 3 petition

    I wonder if Diablo 3 will ever get me playing computer games again...???
  4. Selling SHY - USEast #1 Zealot

  5. [Selling] Super Nintendo, N64, Dreamcast, XBox

  6. Selling SHY - USEast #1 Zealot

    MY ZEALOT is still up FOR SALE... DzNuttz can't afford CLOSES FOR $350
  7. [Selling] Super Nintendo, N64, Dreamcast, XBox

    Super Nintendo Nintendo 64 [sOLD]
  8. [Selling] Super Nintendo, N64, Dreamcast, XBox

    Only SELL as Bundle Only want bin =p
  9. Super Nintendo:Bin: $44.99 Super Nintendo Console 2x Controllers Power Cord Cable Auxillary Cord (Not Red/Yellow/White Wires) Games: Super Mario All-Stars (BEST GAME) Speedy Gonzales Los Gator Bandidos Super Nintendo Extras: Super Gameboy (Let's you plug in your Gameboy and Gameboy Color games into your Super Nintendo, so you can play on the big screen) Nintendo 64:Bin: $49.99 Nintendo 64 Console 2x Regular Controllers (Blue & Default Grey) 1x SuperPad Controller (Black) Power Cord Auxillary Cord (Yellow/Red/White) Games: Mario 64 Super Mario Kart Goldeneye 007 (Best GAME) NFL Blitz WWF War Zone WWF Attitude Pokemon Stadium Extras: Memory Card TremorPak (Settings: High or Low) TremorPak Plus (Settings: Save or Rumble and High or Low) N64 Transfer Pak (Used for Pokemon Stadium) (Let's you plug in your Pokemon Gameboy Game Red or Blue or Yellow into your controller, to your N64 for Pokemon Stadium) Dreamcast:Bin: $69.99 Dreamcast Console 2x Controllers (Green & Default Grey) Power Cord Auxillary Cord Games: Sonic Adventure Sonic Adventure 2 Gauntlet Legends Street Fighter III: Third Striker Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 NFL 2K Extras: Web Browser MMU (Mega Memory Unit) VMU (Video Memory Unit) XBox:Bin: $99.99 XBox Console 4x Original Controllers Power Cord (*Brand New*) Auxillary Cord Games: Mech Assault 2: Lone Wolf (Limited Edition) Soul Calibur 2 Crimson Skies Tony Hawk's Pro Skaker 2x Project Gotham Racing EA Sports MVP Baseball 2003 EA Sports Madden 2002 Extras: Memory Card XBox Communicator (Used for XBox Live) XBox DVD Movie Playback Kit NOTICE: Shipping is not included in the bin price. Buyer will pay standard shipping and handling costs for his location.
  10. XBox XBox DvD Remote & Sensor AV Cord *NEW* Power Cord (2 weeks new) BIN = $100 (Includes Shipping) No WiFi Connection
  11. Selling SHY - USEast #1 Zealot

  12. Selling SHY - USEast #1 Zealot

    REOPEN because XiP can't afford this zealot at the moment C/O is still @ $375
  13. Selling SHY - USEast #1 Zealot

    CLOSING FOR $375 in 3 Days
  14. Selling SHY - USEast #1 Zealot

    c/o is already @ $300
  15. In this package you get the gear of the Godliest Zealot on USEast, Plus Stats/Skills of the LvL 97 Shy *All Gear is Legit/Perm* [Except the Tourney Winnings] Full *Cookie Cutter* Build Full *Valordin* Build Full *Valordin CC* Build Full *Angelic Enigma* Build Formerly (All At the Same Time): #1 Palapk Nation Melee Ladder #1 Zealot DTrades Ladder #1 Melee DTrades Ladder CC Build: Valordin Build: Other Builds: Inventory: 37x PERM 32020s *GODLY* Tourney Gear: Other Gear: 5K Eth Stone PERFECT Eth T-Might Tourney Winnings:[unperms] 34x 32020s 7x SOJs 3x HRs 199% GHOZ +2 ALL 160% GValor Storm Circlet EXP Gear: GODLY Eth ODNALS GODLY Eth Baal Boots Selling Zealot to Pay for my Car Wreck!!! Offer Now...I need money to get back on the road!!! [Package ONLY]