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  1. How did you find Dtrades?

    Holy shit dTrades lives. Like a phoenix reborn from the ashes.
  2. Stunt

  3. ISO Rushes

    This is a job that would involve you being on the account. I need all 7 of them rushed to act 5 hell with stats / wps for all characters. Most of the characters were made in classic so it can be done easily via a classic rush but they can be converted to expansion if the person doing the job will not be doing a classic rush. I ONLY need the rush done, I will level the characters myself. Leave price in fg.
  4. Topic says it all. ISO perfs. Leave price in fg ISO List IK Belt IK Boots IK Gloves Tal Wep Full Nat Set Full Griswold Set Full Trang Set Full Aldur Set Full Mavs
  5. Topic says it all. Looking for unperms for now. I would prefer to get a set but will purchase seperately if necessary.
  6. Frist Topic On PA Lots Ft

    50fg @ 3/6/3 +3 hs cta. Pm me if interested.
  7. So I need hammerdin and sorc gear. Sorc gear is more of a priority at this point. Post bins. Iso: Hammerdin Shako (Preferably Shael'd or accompanied by a Shael rune is fine, ill socket it myself if necessary) Maras (any) Wizspike Enigma (Mage plate) Magefists 14x 5 fhr scs Insight ECV (Any) Crown of thieves Mf Sorc Full Tal's set (Must have perf eye and belt) 2x Perm SOJ 50% War Travs Infinity Eth CV (Any) Magefists 35FCR Spirit Monarch 3x Ist Runes Perf MF Gheeds Mf Charms CTA (any) FT: 390/34 Grief Zerk Highlords 775 / 15ED Dusk Enigma 400ed / 400 Defese vs Missile / 18 fire sorb / 15ED / 45res Phoenix ST 3ll / 10cb / 14str / 9dex / 18life / 18fire res crafted heavy gloves 9ll / 101ed / 15str dracs 20 / 245 raven 20 / 247 raven 96 AR / 20 Str / 10 Dex / 9 Life Replenish / 6 Cold res rare ring 173ED gore riders 30 FRW / 10FHR / 4 Life Replenish / 32 Light res / 35 Fire res boots AR / Life gcs: 108/32, 118/31, 120/33, 119/33, 109/34, 125/31, 126/32, 128/32 and 120/30 AR / Life scs: 29/20, 29/20, 30/20, 21/20, 25/20, 36/17, 35/17, 30/20, 33/17 and 33/19 102 ED / 15 Dex / 9 Sorb / 20/-5 NW 2 Sorc / 17FCR / 14 Dex / 14 Mana Ammy 35/9 5/-5 Magi (875 Def up'd) Gerkes shield with 7FHR / 4 Replenish / -15 Req / 22 Light res jewel (25 Res / 15 Replenish / 18 MDR base) Dex / Mana scs: 2/16 2/16 Str / Mana scs: 2/17 2/15 2/17 2/17 2/16 2/16 2/17 2/17 125 ED / 40 Vitality / 13 Rep / 117 Stamina / 15% DR Dungo FG
  8. FT: Many Names.

    Do you take fg or are you only iso items?
  9. Iso: Hammerdin

    Pm'd sir.
  10. Iso: Hammerdin

    Update: ISO: Shako (Preferably Shael'd or accompanied by a Shael rune is fine, ill socket it myself if necessary) Maras (any) Wizspike (Preferably Ist'd or accompanied by an Ist rune is fine, ill socket it myself if necessary) Treks (any) Hoz (Um'd or accompanied by an um rune) Enigma (Mage plate) 2x SOJ (Must be legit / perm, preferably matching) Arachnid belt (any) Pally torch (any) Anni (any) Cta (any) Magefists 10x 5 fhr scs Mf charms, preferably scs Insight (low damage one) Coh Crown of thieves
  11. ISO: Insight (Low str / damage one) Coh Leach helm such as crown of thieves Ft: Fg Post item(s) you have and bin for such item(s)
  12. 2x sorcs and a hammerdin ft

    I'm in the middle of another trade at the moment for some gear. I am just under 300 in fg but some of the stuff I am trading for you have on the list. After this trade is done I'll pm you to let you know the rest of what I need and we'll work out a price at that time.
  13. Cheap but fun Charger Pally!

    I'll bin. Shoot me a pm when you get a chance.